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Zales Jewelers
901 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038
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Is your local jeweler making it impossible for you to find that perfect gift for that special someone? Here’s how Zales engages with customers online via social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Zales usually have to do with bad customer service, difficulties in the repair process, and lack of availability in-store.

Zales’ Facebook page is an even mix of promotional content and customer service. The brand posts new styles, celebrity testimonials, and announces sales in regard to upcoming holidays. Customers can reach Zales via the direct message feature or by dropping a line in the comments.

Zales also has a Twitter handle which is used for both advertising and community engagement. The page frequently holds contests for discounts in-store and posts images of celebrities modeling the line’s jewelery.

Zales can additionally be found on Google Plus, a page that is primarily devoted to marketing rather than engaging with customer feedback. Have a suggestion for Zales when it comes to ensuring that their customers are always happy? Let us know.
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Ring (12/10/16)

Throwing lesbian marriages into the publics face and living rooms is not acceptable..not everyone believes in that lifestyle as being husband an I will no longer give you our business.  View Gripe »

Giftcard Online service Ref ID # 16414835 (5/31/16)

I discovered almost a year ago that fraudulent charges of $2000.00 and $1368.36 were made on my gift card. I made the first call to Zales about this on 8/12/15, yes, August 2015!!! I sent many messages on their website & no one responded. I have made numerous calls to them & was told that "corporate is working on it." A senior customer service agent named Tamika said she would follow up on this & call me, she never called or emailed me. I get so upset every time I call and I can feel my blood pressure going up because someone would always say someone would "reach out" to me & follow up & no one does. I had another problem previously with an online purchase that I did not pick up because it arrived too late. The normal policy is that it would automatically be returned & I would be credited. They did not credit me & after my repeated calls they said they could not find the item & will not credit me . I had to call & go to the store many times until they finally found it.  View Gripe »

Diamond ring (12/9/15)

I bought a diamond ring at Zales 19 years ago at your Greensburg, PA location. When I bought the diamond they told me that if I ever wanted to bring it back they would accept trade in on another diamond. I saw a chocolate diamond at Kays jewelers that I liked and they were willing to give me 1050 for my 1,500 dollar diamond ring in trade. I did not take the deal as I bought almost all of my wife jewelry from Zales and I wanted to continue to but from Zales. I went to Greensburg Zales this weekend for a trade in on Zales version of the chocolate diamond. Even though I still had the sales slip from my diamond purchase from Zales they would not let me make a trade on that diamond. Another jeweler would accept my Zales diamond but your own store would not! I am very disappointed in Zales.  View Gripe »

Wedding Ring (9/23/15)

My husband and I have been married since 2012. He purchased my engagement ring from Zales Jewelers 2401 S. Stemmons Frwy Lewisville, TX 75067. When he purchased the ring he purchased life time warranty. I purchased his ring from same location with life time warranty. In the past when my ring needed work I would go to that location and get work done for free because of warranty. Unfortunately Zales has a new computer system and it has thrown my husband information out for my ring. My husband cant find receipt for his purchase so Zales says its nothing they can do we will have to pay out of pocket for any service we get done to my ring. I find it unbelievable his information is still in system for his ring ,but they can find "NOTHING" on my ring. I called customer service and they said its nothing they can do. I find this ridiculous and bad customer service. Why would we have insurance on my husband ring and not my ring that makes absolutely no sense!!!  View Gripe »