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YoungWilliams Child Support Services
YoungWilliams, P.O. Box 3180
Ridgeland, MS 39158
United States

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Category: Individual & Family Services
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Child support services (6/29/16)

This company accused me of lying about where I worked (they misentered the company name), they refused to accept payments not made directly to them, I was promised return calls from the case worker and NEVER received one, sent emails that were ignored, sent faxes that were ignored or 'lost', management is disinterested. Gawdawful customer service etc etc. They don't serve the interest of either the custodial or non custodial parents, just their own.  View Gripe »

Child support (5/28/15)

My payment are missing and no one can tell me where they went. Missouri has hired a private child support agency Youngwilliams. When I call they just tell me that payments are not received and I have to wait 30 days to get an answer. Um well the order is not being complied with people. They can't tell me were the money has gone even though I have proof it was paid. I feel like this private company is stealing money.  View Gripe »