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Yoder Heating And Cooling
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air conditioning/heating (8/25/15)

Breach of Contract, Substandard craftsmanship, no HVAC/MEC/ELECTRICAL permit pulled. On May 14, 2015, Yoders installed Air Conditioning Air Handler. Did not bring nor install heater strip. Technician was apologetic and agreed to bring and install heater strip at a latter date. I stated to him, I know summer is coming and they would be very busy and would give them 90 days to bring and install heater strip. The technician agreed and I asked him to add to receipt for future reference. I immediately noticed unit leaking and poor quality craftsmanship. While gathering information for the case, discovered no permit was pulled. I made three attempts with owner to set up date for delivery and installation of heater strip. First two attempts owner said he would contact later for delivery and installation. On the third attempt, the owner became verbally abusive and told me to never call him again. He hung on me. Do to the poor quality of craftsmanship, including…  View Gripe »