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Yankee Candle
16 Yankee Candle Way (S Deerfield Bypass)
South Deerfield, MA 01373
United States

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Category: Miscellaneous Homefurnishings Stores
Sub Category: Furniture/ Home Furnishings

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Have a complaint for Yankee Candle? Here’s how the store uses a variety of social media platforms to process customer feedback.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Yankee Candle usually involve return policies, junk mail, and rude employees.

Yankee Candle’s Facebook page is for the most part, promotional. Some customer service takes place on this profile, but it’s primarily in the form of direct message, as the page’s admin does not process feedback in the comments.

Yankee Candle also has a Twitter handle which is also mostly used for marketing. Little customer service takes place here, and the page primarily displays new products, fragrances, and hosts contests and polls for community engagement purposes.

Yankee Candle can additionally be seen on Google Plus, which is primarily used for advertising and community engagement, less so for customer service. Have an idea for Yankee Candle when it comes to using their social media platforms to resolve customer issues? Let us know.
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Large Jar Exploded (1/6/16)

I want you to know that I have reached out Yankee candle and all I've received are a half dozen"I'm sorry"'s & nothing else. On a legal front I have sent you every single item asked for inluding 3 pieces of the jar we dug throu the the ashes for, for two days. I sent you the fire report, taken only moments after I regained consciousness, before I was sent via life fligt to cox hos nota letter of exactly what happened that night , and addition We have lost my ca30 plus year of memories. My husband an I both had yearbooks, caps and gowns, childhood friends, trips to Seattle, Redwood Yellowstone national parks & so much more. We loved our little home. You can't carry grudges or secrets for too long in a 1400 sq ft house; either to talk it out go. I have had Yankee Candles have mishaps more times than i can count on my fingers. Those have usually been a perfect circular crack ring around the candle or a bit of glass thrown as it pops apart. this one exploded. Causing fire you see.…  View Gripe »