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Sod and Sprinkler Head (10/10/15)

Business Asked for $700 Cash to lay down sod and install 2 sprinkler heads to an existing system. Sprinkler system was fully functional before business personal came to my home. After 2 days I saw that the sprinkler system was not functioning correctly. I called the business back for the next three days. They finally arrived and told me to water the sod for 1 1/2 hours twice daily manually because the valve needed to be replaced. The business would charge me $300 cash for that task. I then called another person to get a second opinion and found out that I did not need a new valve. Mr sprinkler system was fine. I then called this business back again and asked them to come back and re-sod my front lawn. The business refused. This business and the location of the premises is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  View Gripe »