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Xtra Laundry
469 N. Harrison St.
Princeton, NJ 08540
United States

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Category: Soap & Other Detergents
Sub Category: Laundry Services
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Xtra (4/21/16)

I bought a large bottlenof detergent that when I opened to use smelled very bad I can't explain the smell but it was awful and I have never had an issue with this product before  View Gripe »

laundry detergent (8/9/15)

The xtra laundry detergent with oxy clean left bleach marks all over my clothes. At least 400 dollars worth of clothes are ruined. My good levi's and brownings shirts. I demand a reimbursement for the clothes or a lawyer will b involved. I have submitted only 2 pictures of the damaged items  View Gripe »