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car insurance (9/21/15)

Dear Customer service. I have been with AARP since 2005. Have an excellent driving record and have never had any convictions at all on my driving record and have been getting discounts every year on my car insurance. Six days ago I was requested to send my drvers course that I passed to Wawanesa. I did everything they wanted me to do to get my 20% discount on my car insurance. I e-mailed Wawanesa the drivers course that I passed and on it I put my policy #FA 73344528.They never acknowledged it. Instead they ignored it and made me out a new policy # different from the one I had with all my discounts on. This morning I receive in the mail a New policy with a different policy number from the one I had and I have to remind you that they got my e-mail 6 days ago with my old policy # and dispite everything I have gone through they decided to instead issue me a whole complete new policy that does not have my 20% discount for taking the drivers course. My tel# 1-760-770-0910. Anthony Trochio.  View Gripe »