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Asia support (2/8/17)

Customer service is arrogant, doesn't' read your ticket properly before answering, answers with general copy and paste answers, fails to answer your tickets in a reply, fails to apply WG's own rules, and threatens you if you persist with complaining. Should not even bother to exist.  View Gripe »

PC (2/3/17)

I just wanted to add that I too felt like the game could stand for a more even playing field ...Why have tanks that are 2 tiers higher battle lower level tanks, this makes it so unfair when you get 1 shot and there goes that game for example a tier 8 vs. a tier 6 ...Guess who will win !! I can ensure you that the tier 6 will bounce a bunch of shots ( I know this from personal experience) if the tier 6 can't penetrate the enemies armor ,but the tier 8 returns a shot and well there goes the tier 6 back to the garage.. I would suggest same level tanks battling each other . Instead of nerfing tanks... why not make them to specifications to the way they were when they were made , that way we gamers can experience the tank for the way the tanks was made back in WW2 era??  View Gripe »

world of tanks (9/6/16)

Wargaming.net/world of tanks ..is a ripoff. Why when players report an issue with this game ya'll always have an dumb excuse of why ya'll can't fix it.I have reported at least several issues concerning in game malfunctions with my tanks constantly firing my rounds into ground & air , and even more than ever my rounds passing completely thru enemy tanks like they aren't there. I never got any help with 1 issue I reported to wargaming.net support. wargaming.net staff sucks!!!  View Gripe »

World of Tanks (8/29/16)

To whom it may concern, I find it odd that a company as successful as yours allocates so much time, money, and effort on marketing while your guest service satisfaction is virtually nonexistent. Here are a number of observations that I and other players have reported: • Chinese premium heavy tank 112 sucks. I submitted an issue about 3 weeks ago and no one has responded. I have purchased and enjoyed many of your premium tanks save one. The all-time most expensive ……… that king of dog crap Chinese 112 heavy tank. I would expect you to address this issue! Buff it, replace it, credit my account, or even allow me to choose another premium tank. • Your match maker sucks. This by far is the biggest issue. Match maker is either rigged or your designers failed miserably. There is no doubt in my mind that you geniuses already know that. So fix it! • Your maps suck. Don’t you folks employ designers to make new maps? Why 3 or 4 of the maps we most frequently play on are the most…  View Gripe »

world of tanks / Xbox360 (3/30/15)

Latest update took off cross hairs on my view finder unable to locate targets at will game is now obsolete. Going to have to terminate system.  View Gripe »