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Car Dealership (9/11/15)

Bought a used car from them. They stated the breaks were squealing because the pads were brand new and that it would go away with use (normal in new break pads sometimes). After a month (and the 30 day return warranty) I called and stated that the breaks were still squealing. They told me to wait it out a little longer. I scheduled a service appointment so they could take a look. The service technician stated that the issue was "normal" for Audi's and that there's nothing that can be done. I took the car to an official Audi dealer and they stated that the reason was because they used third party break pads and now they need to change the pads and the discs. Called the dealer to let them know and to see if they would pick up the bill or offer help with it. The Sales manager refused stating that the breaks "work" properly. I'm opening a case with the BBB and see if this also helps. Bad business practices from the dealer, so I will hit them hard on every social media and review forum.  View Gripe »