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Cell phone service (11/10/16)

I have very limited service in the Kenosha, Racine, Sturtevant Wisconsin area where I bought the plan, live and work. If I am able to connect to my apartment phone at all the service is sporadic at best. Calls keep dropping if I have any signal at all.  View Gripe »

coolpad (6/7/16)

iost phone recovered at garage in auto after nearly 30 days installed new transmission yet charged 37$ due to not reporting phone off did not know where phone was located didn't know to callin Teresa martin 7046067604 phone was not used during then  View Gripe »

customer service for useage details. (4/4/16)

This carrier has the nicest customer service operators- but it stops there to actually get service? Not a chance just promises to "fix the problem within 2-72 hours" and thats it . The problem does not get solved you wait the 72 hours and have to call AGAIN. And start explaining the issue all over again! They took money out of the extras pack that was not suppose to have been taken and give you excuse after excuse to stroke you and get rid of you. The stores tell you they dont know ANYTHING. That you have to call 611 to get any answers. I belive this is the end of our relationship. Metro PCS maybe our next move....  View Gripe »

on line order # 603480280 (12/12/15)

bought a fireplace log online. It showed to be an electric heater & log .When I got it it was not a heater type . The ad misled me to believe it was a heater, so when I tried to return it on line the status showed it had not been shipped so I could not return item . So then I read I could return it to any walmart . Then I got up early today and took it to my local Walmart here in Humble Tx @7:15am. I was the only customer there in the customer service area at that time and the lady was very nice,but when she went to return it she said the log could not be returned in the store it has to be returned online and shipped (again I was misled) .So when I got home I called customer service and the lady was real nie as well.BUT she said she could not return it yet because the item shows it has not been shipped (but I received the item 5 days ago from fed ex) and that I will have to call back Monday and try to get a return slip e-mailed to me so I can then drop it off at Fed Ex.(not happy)  View Gripe »

t-mobilesamsungcellphone (9/4/15)

purchased a phone and a few months later the phone crashed. I called and reported it and they requested I send the phone back to them. They sent the phone back after 2-weeks of waiting the phone only is a frame no battery or back. Now I have no phone and they told me they were not responsible for my lost.  View Gripe »

Lap Top Computer (8/29/15)

I wrote BBB a few weeks ago on behalf of Mona Jacob. Walmart was giving her the run around since July 15. One phone call from BBB and Walmart responded. But only to go around again. They sent a return label and Mona returned it with proof of delivery. She got as far as the 'Manager,' name Brian (855) 559 5603 who keeps giving excuses but gets nothing solved. Please help again. Thank you.  View Gripe »