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Category: Drug Stores And Proprietary Stores
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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Walgreens are typically related to problems filling prescriptions and poor customer service interactions .

The Walgreens Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, verified, and often highlights social responsibility. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

Walgreens has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The Walgreens Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Rattlebots (2/4/17)

It worked fine for 3 days then it just quit. My grandson really loved it. I'd like to buy him another one but don't know where to I bought it at walgreens and it was a Xmas toy  View Gripe »

Pharmacy (6/2/16)

Walgreens on 19th Ave and Northern in Phoenix. Migraine rx (Sumatriptan taken and filled for 2 years at Walgreens) with 11 refills first was "lost" by their electronic system. I showed one tech the electronic rx my doctor sent and she insisted it wasn't there. (Even though another rx sent at the same time was there and filled!) Then, miraculously, it showed in their system a day later but then I was repeatedly told a prior auth was needed by my insurance company. I called my insurance 3 times over 2 days, no auth required, yet Walgreens INSISTED on it. I was filling it early, but trying to just put the rx in the queue to be filled when it was able to be filled. Walgreens pharm techs refused to help--if I could even speak to them, usually ended up with someone from a call center. Finally, Albert in a call center said I should transfer to a competitive pharmacy. Btw, competitive pharm was able to tell me it was too early to fill and the date I could fill it.  View Gripe »

Prescription (5/6/16)

Dispensed the wrong amount of narcotic pills. In short they gave me 15 less than what I should have received; I have been a chronic pain patient for 8 years and this has NEVER happened to me before. In other words I have never come out 15 pills short, I always have extra pills at the end of the month!!  View Gripe »

Green Dot Prepaid Card (9/28/15)

I Purchased A Green Dot Card From This Walgreens 403 S. Poplar St. Elizabethtown Nc 28337 (910) 247-3026 In The Amount $502.95 And Can't Get Money Of Card Since 8/8/15  View Gripe »

Money Load On Debit Card (8/27/15)

On August 1, 2015 I went into a local Walgreens to load money on my Netspend Card. The money was not loaded. I filed a complaint with their Corporate Office and a case was opened. It has now been almost a month since I opened the case and though I've been told for the past two consecutive weeks that the money would be loaded no later than that Friday the money I gave them has still yet to be loaded on my card.  View Gripe »

Bad Customer Service (7/2/15)

I went to walgreens on 1/21.15......your pharmacy manager almanda h. Would not fill my order she said she did not fell right filling my order and walked off from the drive thru window just plain nasty rude no respect! We the mckenzie family have been using walgreens for 15 plus years. After lastnight i will never use walgreens for anything eles what ever happen to good custmor service!  View Gripe »

Pay Raises (6/13/15)

The workers in Topeka,Kansas need raises not $7.50hr is not enough when the company making huge profits how about 9.00 hour. the company can afford it. how long  View Gripe »

in store music (6/13/15)

I go shopping at the store in Topeka Kansas and all the Walgreen are playing the same music everyday it has not changed. and i know the workers are getting tired of listening to the same music everyday and the customers are to the company need to change there music not for a whole year keeps playing the same music.  View Gripe »

Poor Customer Service (6/10/15)

They did not fill my prescription and did not feel it was necessary to contact me. Per customer service they can deny filling a prescription for any reason disregarding medical necessity. The pharmacist was rude and provided no feasible explanation and ended the call by laughing when I was clearly distraught her name was Natasha, than the customer service representative decided it was her place to offer medical advice void of a medical degree.  View Gripe »

Poor Quality of Band Aids (6/10/15)

Walgreens has a spotty history with its own band aids. They used to be fine, then Walgreens began carrying a brand marked "CVS" (really) which had adhesive so strong it was very painful to remove. Now their own brand "antibacterial" band aids (the only type they now seem to offer) have adhesive so weak that the band aid falls off of its own accord within 24 hours. - See more at: https://gripevine.com/bad-band-aids-walgreens-walgreens-headquarters-gripe-20925295#sthash.ZpglwBPV.dpuf  View Gripe »