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Deliciously sweet, juicy and refreshing classic fruit salad (2/2/16)

Change of fruit, the previous version had 3 different types of melon with grapes and orange. The new version has 4 different types of fruit, melons, orange and strawberries, the outside of the packet still states 1 of your 5 a day = 2 tablespoons. In order for your 5 a day to be valid you must eat 5 different fruits/vegetables. The questions, how can you have 2 different versions of something yet still retain the same name? How can only 3 fruits be considered to be 5 a day?  View Gripe »

sea bass zesty aromatic with lime and corriander (1/17/16)

clearly states 2.99 on packing on redsticker and went through till at 3.49 !!!! only noticedwhen got home.  View Gripe »

Waitrose Loyalty Card (1/15/16)

I have been shopping in Eastbourne Waitrose for years and do all my grocery shop there, I have had vouchers in the past for some reason this year I have received nothing even though I've since been told that friends have received lots. What is going on?? Mrs. A Shaw Card No.9210170735966978  View Gripe »

Christmas order/dressed lobster (12/23/15)

Item was a part of my Christmas order placed in end of October and collected today. Collection time was 8.30 to avoid rush. Two boxes of lobsters had been ordered. When we arrived only one was produced. The missing lobsters took 90 minutes and numerous members of staff to locate. We went for coffee and waited in the cold as collection hut was outside numerous customers came and went and we were still waiting. I was getting more and more irate and complaining to any member of staff who came near. This is not the standard of customer service I expect from a premium retail brand like Waitrose. The lobsters could have been bought from Lidl for a lot less money and inconvenience. I a firm believer that quality and service is a premium worth paying for which is why I choose to shop at Waitrose or M&S. When eventually the missing item was located we had a service charge of £5 added to the bill for home delivery. If home delivery had ever been asked for why did they think I'd been hanging aro  View Gripe »

spaghetti squash (11/29/15)

Hi Waitrose, My daughter purchased a spaghetti squash from your store in Exeter for me to have as an alternative to normal spaghetti as I am diabetic. You do seem to be the only supermarket which sells this type of squash for which I am very grateful although I do not have a local Waitrose myself. On receipt of this squash I noticed a very soft area which appears to be "going off" and I have sent photos to explain the problem The squash was purchased on the 25th November and the DISPLAY date is the 6th December. I very rarely manage to get this type of squash and when I do I am thrilled. However on this occasion I have to say I am very disappointed. I look forward to your comments. Regards  View Gripe »

Pizza ham and pineapple (11/27/15)

I have been disappointed lately with Waitrose fresh pizzas, but decided to give it another chance and bought the ham and pineapple one. The presence of pineapple was negligible, and the overall taste not pleasant at all.  View Gripe »

Coffee (11/9/15)

Waitrose Cowbridge South Wales. Please could you clear up the cost of an extra shot of coffee as I am being charged all sorts of prices at this store! I regularly have a piece of carrot cake and a double shot americano but the prices are always a suprise to me! I have been charged extras of 20p 30p and then no extra charge, I have no idea what is going on in this store and would appreciate your feedback.  View Gripe »

£30 discount voucher (11/8/15)

I received a £30 off if you spend £100 voucher in the post from Waitrose. Valid until 15th November. I visited my regular store in New Malden Surrey on 7th November and spent £117.72. particularly trying to spend over £100. When I presented the voucher I was told this was only for use at Waitrose.com. The small print was indeed SMALL and it did say at Waitrose.com. I just feel that I do not expect Waitrose to play this type of trick on customers. the wording should have been more clear. I would not have spent over £100 if I had seen the small print clearly  View Gripe »

British pork (11/6/15)

Bought from Alton store. Followed the instructions on pack. Crackling was like rubber and meat tough . Very disappointing.  View Gripe »

Poor customer service 26/9/15 (9/26/15)

I bought a tin of Millicano coffee with a ticket price of £3, however I was charged £4.75!! When I went in to ask for the difference back I was met with unhelpfulness! In the end I had to go and get the ticket off the shelf to prove it was £3....I'm a teacher not a waitrose employee!! Then the lady didnt know how to refun so she called a young man over who proceeded to tell me about the logistics of changing 2,000 prices but didnt apologise or say he would look into it or anything that made me think the next person wouldn't be overcharged as well! I did get back my £1.75 but it's left me wondering how many more times I've been overcharged and never noticed. Perhaps a bit more of ' I'm sorry I'll look into it' and a bit less of making the customer feel guilty because you have to change 2,000 prices, which just made me cross!  View Gripe »