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Waffle House
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Did Waffle House fail to treat it that way? Here’s how the diner uses social media to process customer feedback.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Waffle House are typically related to lack of available storefronts, undercooked food, and rude waiters.

Waffle House’s Facebook page is predominantly promotional in nature, and focuses on highlighting new stores and items on the eatery’s menu. The message feature is activated for one-on-one communication and customer feedback is additionally processed in the comments section.

Waffle House also has a Twitter handle which is also promotional. Most of the content on this page is echoed from the restaurant’s Facebook profile. The account occasionally direct-messages unsatisfied customers with the intention of alleviating any issues.

Waffle House currently does not have a profile on Google Plus for all its locations.

Could Waffle House use social media to better the customer experience? Let us know.
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All American breakfast (4/7/17)

Store #1653 we had a waitress in training, she was wonderful , smiled , curtious. Food was great. We went to pay our check we ask the woman at the register to give our waitress the change from our 20$ wich was 2.60 new waitress bri. The woman said she's in training she don't get the tip the trainer does. This upset me. bri did all the work n was very good at it. But she earned that tip not the trainer . This is not right , my opinion . The trainer should get mininum wage on days they train n the trainee should get the tip that they worked hard for. If I would have known this I would not have left a tip.  View Gripe »

customer service sucks (3/31/16)

Continued. ...... my husband stated this young lady only had one customer sitting at the counter and that she ignored him and continued to carry on her conversation as he sat there waiting. I let him know that I hadn't had a chance to place the order because of her rudeness so he placed the order and waited for it. They cooked the meats first and by the time the rest of the order was done, the meat was cold. He refused to except it so they had to cook fresh sausage and bacon. This is the worst service I have every recieved....ANYWHERE EVER. The landon Rd location in Gulfport MS needs a refresher course on how to treat paying customers. service sucks  View Gripe »

customer service sucks (3/31/16)

I've been searching for contact info for the waffle house for about a week now. Last Friday night I was trying to place a carry out order by phone. The young lady answered the phone and placed me on hold. I could hear her carrying on a casual conversation with what I assume was a customer. After being on hold for about 4 minutes, she yelled out " does anyone want a to go order". Apparently no one wanted to BE BOTHERED with the to go order so she HUNG UP THE PHONE IN MY FACE!! I immediately called back. The same young lady answered. I said yes ma'am I was trying to place a to go order but you hung up in my face. She said " no I didnt, but anyways we are extremely busy". I said well can I please place my order. She said "hold on" AND HUNG UP AGAIN. What they didn't know is that my husband had already arrived to pick up the order that he thought I had placed 10 minutes before. He witnessed our second conversation and her her say hold on and then hang the phone up. truly SAD.  View Gripe »

service (2/4/16)

location,central at tramway in Albuquerque n.m.,I was a long time customer,most iof my life and I'm 53yo,but I quit going to waffle house due to service at this location,today I went in to give it a second chance as it is close tomy house ,lets say you lost a long time customer,i ordered got coffee and finished coffee before my meal came,she set down the plate and walked away,apparently in a hurry to step outside,i thought one of the others would get it,but they where busy with their customers.When she came back in she ignored me completely and got the coffe and filled up the couples cup next to then wrote out my bill and said here you go,not once bringing the coffee over ,keeping my coffee full is my #1 thing when I choose a breakfast place,I also usually tip very well,as I paid my bill one of the other girls asked how was it,I said fine except couldn't get a second cup of coffee ,the girl that waited on me didn't apologize all she said was you want one to go,wow..ihop here I come.  View Gripe »