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Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium (10/14/15)

My daughters pen broke and it is still under warranty. When I contacted them, they sent me an email with a link to purchase a new pen for $60. When I contacted them again, I never heard back. Their customer service is terrible and I do not understand what a warranty is for if they are going to make me pay for a replacement on a defective product.  View Gripe »

computer peripherals (9/25/15)

Wacom does not offer replacement felt for the bottom of their Intuos4 mice. Customer Service tells you to buy a new mouse for $60 when what you need is a $1 piece of felt. They obvioously have thousands on hand since they make mice everyday. This is gouging, plain and simple, and environmentally irresponsible. I hope others will join me in making enough of a fuss to get them to change this bad policy.  View Gripe »