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Verizon Wireless
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Category: Radiotelephone Communication
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Bad cell phone reception? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Verizon Wireless handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Verizon Wireless are typically related to mobile cell reception, billing, customer service interactions, upgrades, fee and surcharges, scheduling and appointments.

The Verizon Wireless Facebook page seems to be semi active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which means that you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, which is surprising for a large wireless carrier. Responses seem to be spotty at best.

Verizon Wireless has a verified, dedicated Twitter handle for customer service and listening to customer feedback. It has a large following, and is a very active and responsive account. Conversations easily fall off though because of volume.

The Verizon Wireless Google+ page is a dedicated customer channel. It has a lot of promotions for service plans, upgrades, and specials.

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Note 7 (3/20/17)

They Literally stole my phone and did not credit my account.  View Gripe »

Service transfer (1/25/17)

I have had Verizon for over 2 years. I got married and decided to combine the accounts. Now I am seperate and wanted to get my number in my own name. After 17 phone calls 3 different numbers and paying a55 dollar charge that I knew nothing about, Verizon says I need a security deposit!?! I was told they would call me back, even declaring specific times, and NEVER received a call. I have never missed a payment and than this. I'm keeping my numbers until a transfer to another courier. I will gladly put a seperate down for good customer service! I'm just disgusted with this whole ordeal.  View Gripe »

Commercial wireless account (1/10/17)

Want $400 deposit per line to set up a new commercial account even though I've had a personal account for 15 years. They claim a personal bankruptcy is showing up on on my business EIN# but the EIN has only been in existence for two weeks yet the bankruptcy they are claiming is tied to my EIN was registered last summer. Nobody seems to have the intelligence to see how this is misinformation. Nobody will call me back on this. I just get the typical runaround.  View Gripe »

Cellular Service (8/18/16)

They increased my service plan without authorization, then claimed I owed them an additional $15.00 for that month. When I asked for a credit to get my bill adjusted, as I had called their CS line to do iIN ADVANCE and avoid additional charges, they claimed they could not do so.  View Gripe »

Cell phone (7/19/16)

I have a cell phone that is not working. I brought the phone a year ago and now there is a manufacture technical issue of some sort happening. Verizon granted me 660 dollars for the phone and now verizon is saying they can not fix the phone or send me a new one and I still owe 440 dollars. Why would I still owe that amount of money and they said I paid 14payments out of 24 payments. These are two different issues. The main issue at the moment is my phone is not working at all. I need my phone. This issue started a month ago. And I'm still dealing with it except it got worst. I can't use my phone that I am paying for. My bill is over 160 why???? I did everything verizon asked me to do and all I am getting is lies and my money taken away from me for a phone I can not use at all. I'm missing work etc. I work in the entertainment field. I need my phone.  View Gripe »

internet +phone (not Fios) (6/5/16)

Hi and thx in advance for ur help! As a last straw with comcast (thats a bigger gripe!) i saw online that verizon offered internet and phone service. I found online they stated they offered it in my building (odd bc the building states its purely serviced by comcast). I enrolled and they stated i had to buy the modem (which i imagined as a hotspot), & they would ship it. i paid and it arrived on May 19 same day as my service was to start. Imagine my surprise.. i need more space to finish this!.  View Gripe »

Prepaid wireless (5/11/16)

I have a family member who is going to loose her Verizon number when her ex who owns the number will not allow her to port the number and is allowing the number to expire. We would like to obtain the number after it has expired.  View Gripe »

Customer service (3/4/16)

Completely misled when I switched from sprint. Told me phone was free and bill was much higher than what I Paid at sprint. Would have just stayed with them. And paid 200 bux for a new phone now my bill says. 750 bux for a phone I pay monthly for. Not what I was told now what.  View Gripe »

Wireless service International plan (2/5/16)

Verizon wireless customer services is horrible. They billed for international service for 5 months after they were asked to provide it for 2 weeks. They try to give you the run around and offer minimal credits rather than owning that they were in the wrong.  View Gripe »

Cell phone (1/16/16)

I was looking for an iPhone for my daughter and I stopped at the glen mills and Christians Costco wireless phone kiosk. At each the person was not very customer friendly. We bought the phone at the Apple Store in the Christians mall. Just thought I would share our experience.  View Gripe »