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Body Analyzer1 (3/16/17)

I ordered the item online and was notified that the item was shipped within one day, then supposedly delivered by Fedex the next day. I was home expecting it and never heard the Fedex truck. I am now doubting Fedex in turn since it shows in their data that this item was delivered. I contacted Vanity Planet and was given a ticket? and a time frame of 72 hours to respond? How many complains do you get that you have to give people a ticket and such a long time to respond?I NEVER had this problem before. I will file a complain with my card company.  View Gripe »

Facial Cleansing brush (2/21/17)

I placed an order on 2/10/2017. I have not received my product nor can I reach anyone at Vanity Planet. This is bullshit. I want my damn money refunded asap!  View Gripe »

Spin for Perfect Skin Brush (2/13/17)

I was able to use the brush twice in one day - using the exfoliating brush for my face and then the body brush in the shower. I dropped it about 2-3 feet and it stopped working. Such a shame because I really liked using it. I put in new batteries and knocked it against my hand and it started to work but did not spin. I would like to receive a new brush.  View Gripe »

Pore cleanser (2/8/17)

Placed an order with them on 3rd January and over a month later still haven't received it. Contacted the company and they said there is an imitation company called The Vanity Planet. They said to check your bank regarding your credit card.  View Gripe »

Facial Pore Cleanser (1/31/17)

Bought the item, recieved a confirmation email, it's now weeks later and it never showed and there's no customer service to contact so now I'm out $30.  View Gripe »

Pore cleanser (1/30/17)

Scam! Ordered the product, they said it was sent, never received it and I can't reach them to follow up! All signs point to a scam!!!  View Gripe »

Facial PORE Cleanser (1/29/17)

I received the item but it was not the item I ordered when placed. I ordered the Diamond Microdermabrasion Tool on 12/27/16 and what arrived today, 1/29/17, is a cheap plastic tool marked with spotcleaner. Top it all off, the package was marked from China and described the item on the outside as Massage Apparatus and the value noted was $2.00. I've emailed both vanityplanet and the new email provided on the site once you click on your order info from your order confirmation email and it was UNDELIVERABLE!  View Gripe »

Facial Pore Cleanser (1/23/17)

Vanity Planet is a scam. I ordered a facial pore cleanser. Payment was processed, they sent me an email confirmation that it had been shipped three weeks ago and I have not yet received it. I reached out to the contact information they provided for customer service (only provided an email address) and it was undelivered because the email address was not found.  View Gripe »

Facial Pore Cleanser (1/22/17)

I have not received my item yet and it's been almost a month since I've gotten a shipping notification. I can't track my shipment. When I tried to email your contact us and support emails, they kicked back to my email as undeliverable.  View Gripe »

Facial pore cleaner (1/21/17)

Ordered the advertised facial pore cleaner 1/2/2017 and again 1/11/2017. Placed the order twice because the tracking stated no order could be found. Have sent several e-mails and have not heard anything. Received my credit card statement and the card was charged. Will be contacting the better business bureau and my credit card company.  View Gripe »