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Vanilla Visa Gift Card
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Visa vanilla (1/15/17)

I tried to use my gift card and a restaurant. The card value was $100. I asked the waiter to charge $100 on gift card. Shortly after the waiter came back and said card was declined. I called visa and was informed that visa hold 20% for gratuity. I don't understand how visa can tell me how much to tip and assume that I want to tip on the card and in cash.  View Gripe »

Gift Card (6/25/14)

Was to receive a $100 Vanilla Visa Gift Card from TIME WARNER CABLE last December. In February I Called TWC and they stated I was eligible and the information was sent to Vanilla for issuance. I called Vanilla and the stated it was issued and used already. I filed a dispute stating I never received it, and that they would investigate. It's been 2-1/2 months since dispute was filed and every day I call to check status. Everyday I am being told there is no status, under review. Unsatisfactory  View Gripe »