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4 pc. leather seconal (6/11/16)

Bought 2013 from schaumburg ill. Paid 999.99 paid cash. Just started peeling last year. Since then threw away receipt. Can only verify by delivery some time 2013. Under mike benitez. 419gregory ave apt 1a glendale heights ill 60139. I do not own a camera phone for picture. Can you help?  View Gripe »

Love seat and sofa Value city furniture 49,w North Ave northlake IL, 60164 (11/2/15)

Myself and my husband bought this leather furniture in the spring of 2013 we loved it April 2014 I Cynthia went to the store and stated to the customer service people told them my furniture was peeling they sad it wasn't nothing they could do afterward sent someone out to our house they said it wasn't in the warranty to cover peeling after we bought a warranty that covered all tear's we paid a lot of money for that furniture and the warranty please help us my husband is a war hero he serve two tour in Iraq he don't deserve to be handle like this thank you very much.  View Gripe »

Nolan Dual Reclining Sofa & Love Seat (8/31/15)

I was supposed to be in possession of the two pieces today. Saint Clairsville VC Branch came to deliver it and was unable to get the couch in the front door. The two young men were in my opinion inexperienced and would not take advice. My husband and I took out a ten foot couch that was 46inches deep a few nights before. I suggested they turn the couch around and head in in a different way and the response was that will not work. They put the leather furniture with no protection on the rod iron railing and wiggled it back and forth while trying to ram it into the door. Scratched it ripped the bottom, I told them to stop and just take it back because its already ruined and not even in the house. . I have lived here 14 years and this is my 4th couch. I would not order a sofa not able to fit into my house. Was treated very rude from the store manager and I would spend $1000 more for same furniture from another store before buying it from there again.  View Gripe »

Customer Service (3/26/15)

Made the mistake of opening a new line of credit with their store , purchased a sectional living room set and scheduled for delivery . The day prior to delivery they called and said it will be delayed a month , so I called customer service who suggested I settle for something else maybe ? Really ? That's their answer ? Pick something else ?!?!?!? So I emailed corporate whose ignored me , So I posted on their Facebook Page ....they ignored me , So I Tweeted they can ignore me further ! Their Facebook page is full of people waiting since January to receive their furniture , but we're responsible to start making our payments to them for something we haven't even received , nor can they or will they tell us when it will really arrive . I'm faced with cancelling my order and purchasing elsewhere , except by opening a new line of credit with Value City Furniture my credit scores already taken a hit ! So frustrated !!! Ken Barton  View Gripe »

King Bed Frame (warranty/replacement) (9/12/14)

I had to wait 3 weeks for a replacement frame to be delivered and fixed. I had no bed to sleep in for almost one month. My mattress was in my living room the hole time. No one at the company cared or tried to rush the situation along.  View Gripe »