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Travel (1/19/17)

I just received an interesting call from Vacation Express. They would like to charge me another $166 per person X4 for a chartered flight from Detroit to Punta Cana. We always look for great deals and this was one we found on Groupon through Vacation Express. We received the Total Due: $0.00 invoice yesterday for the Punta Cana trip at the end of March. The Vacation Express Rep called me today and told me about the increase and I am considering canceling the trip. This is our first trip with Vacation Express and I hope this issue can be resolved soon. Well I received the answer today. They would rather lose 4k sale than take care of the price that was agreed upon. They are saying I will get a full refund so that is a plus. I'm not too sure if I will use them in the future but it is not looking good. So buyer beware of the "Additional fees may apply for some departure dates". You might think you booked a great trip till they call you back and want more $$$$$.  View Gripe »

Noisy vacation (10/18/16)

“Pay for adult side, get children side. don"t use this resort or Vacation Express.” DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. I Booked Playa Del Carmen Paradisus Laperla adult side and got the children side . Kids screaming in the hallways at 6 am. Hotel staff were no help. Was to have a BUTLER . What was that? Where was he ? Bad dirty beach. Was quieter at home. Talked to a Vacation Express rep while there and he did nothing. By the way no refund. I was stuck there . You can not just drive home. They shove you in a golf cart to the screaming children's side when paying for La Perla adult side $2000.00 for 5 nights. I wrote and talked to the credit card company, Vacation Express who I booked with and the Travel insurance company. Know one could help me. Nothing I can do . You pay for something you don't get except you come home with bedbugs. Try to get rid of them .  View Gripe »

Package to Cancun, Tulum, Mexico (7/25/16)

This company ruined my vacation. There is no money in the world that would pay for my frustration, stress and disappointment. Vacation Express attendant (her name is Cory) in Nashville was rude, unprofessional and did absolutely nothing to solve the issue caused by themselves! I mailed a letter to the CEO with signature required last week, beyond emailing their customer service and as expected, I got NOTHING! I have no words to express how humiliated I felt at that time! I DO NOT encourage anyone to buy packages from them.  View Gripe »

Memories Grand Bahamas (7/5/16)

the trip itself was great, memories grand Bahamas is a place I would visit again. But I would NEVER book through vacation express again. After delaying and then cancelling our flight, they put everyone in a motel instead of back in an resort. It had bars on the windows and our room has bedbugs! (I have pictures with proof) not only did we have bed bugs, but only 12 people out of the 180-190 who were taken there stayed. Several people complained of bed bugs, spiders, and other bugs in the beds and bathrooms. The rooms smelled very musky and as if they had never been occupied. When we spoke with the vacation express/nexus representative about what was going on they refused to put us in a different hotel or resort. They told us we were on our own with travel, food and stay if we left (which we paid for!). My friend and I had to take a taxi around Freeport looking for a sanitary place to stay. I would never use vacation express who simply does not care about their customers.  View Gripe »

Trip to The Bahamas (7/1/16)

My friend and I planned a trip to the Bahamas in May. We were set to leave July 31st. Vacation express sent us our plane information and the confirmation for the reservation. When we checked a few weeks later, our reservation was not there, and they had already taken the money out. We called vacation express, and they said they cancelled our reservation and if we wanted it back we had to pay double the price. Really vacation express? This has been the biggest waste of my time. I HIGHLY advise against using vacation express.  View Gripe »

4 night all inclusive The Verandah Antigua (5/17/16)

I purchased a Groupon for an all-inclusive 4 night stay through Vacation Express. I booked my trip on the phone with a representative and never received an email confirmation. I called back so I can get that and found out that my reservation was booked incorrectly. when I contacted a supervisor to explain that I didn't book those dates in the booking and it needs to be changed I was told that I was wrong and the dates but I agreed to and if I wanted to change it it would be $500 to change it. every time I called them even to book my trip they're asking me for more money. this company did nothing to satisfy me in anyway even if to upgrade my rooms they actually downgraded my room. I would love to see this company go out of business.  View Gripe »

Trip to Cancun, Mexico (5/26/15)

This company is a complete scam! I booked a 2 person trip to Cancun, Mexico flying out of New Orleans, LA for $550pp. When booking I told the agent I was celebrating my anniversary and birthday so I wanted an ocean view room with a King bed. She told me to bring my license (for proof) and guaranteed my room. After a 7 hour delay in flight, we arrived at 9pm. When we arrived, I did not have an ocean view room or a king bed. The agent only put that I was celebrating my birthday. The resort wouldn't change the room because they said they had to go by the reservation. They wouldn't give me a credit or switch me to another resort. They refused to give me what I paid for because the travel agent who booked the room did not put the correct information. The Oasis company has 7 resorts in Cancun, we stayed at Oasis Cancun. Big mistake! They have on site construction which wakes you up in the morning, ALL the food is terrible buffet style, the alcohol is cheap and watered down.  View Gripe »

Vacation package to Bahamas (8/22/14)

I have the worse experience to deal with their customer services. From the customer representative to the supervisor everyone is very unfriendly and unprofessional. I called within the time limit to change my reservation and I was advised by their representative not to do that at that time, and told me to wait untill I speak to my dr, now that I have to due to medical reason, they are saying I will lose 700 dollars fare and they wouldn't even refund my remaining balance back to me. Really unfair  View Gripe »