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Vacances Sinorama
998 Blvd. Saint-Laurent
Montréal, QC H2Z 9Y9

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Category: Travel Agencies
Sub Category: Transportation (Car, Taxi, Bus, Parking)
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bus toures (9/11/15)

My wife and I booked a three day trip to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. My wife went on line to investigate the company and found a lot of complaints, one being the tour only stops at Asian buffet restaurants to eat. Since my wife has food allergies this arrangement would not work so we decided to cancel the trip. When I phoned sinorama to cancel the trip I was told that I would only get a 50% refund which I was fine with. When I called again to update the status of my refund I was told I would NO refund at all. This company has hundreds of complaints against them by unsatisfied customers, now you know why and are warned. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY.  View Gripe »