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Did your flight get delayed? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how US Airways handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for US Airways are typically related to flight delays, flight cancellations, customer service interactions, ticket prices, and lost luggage.

The US Airways Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, verified, and often highlights social responsibility. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

US Airways has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The US Airways Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Bag check (10/4/15)

Horrible rude service. Was completely ignored for 15 minutes, then a customer behind me was helped before me. My sevice took a mere seconds to complete and I was greeted with rudeness. Honestly - I wouldn't be surprised if somehow "something" will happen to my bag before my final destination. Horrible woman. 10/4/15 Greenville to Charlotte to Syracuse.  View Gripe »

baggage Check (8/24/15)

They lost my bag.. sent me the wrong one. Then I was left in America a week and a half without a bag during a business trip and had to angel early due to this. Wasted money, time, and a bad impression on meetings.  View Gripe »

Baggage fees (8/16/15)

I was charged twice for my baggage fees. I paid online the night before and saw it taken out of my account. When I got to the counter to check in and check my bags, they told me I needed to pay again because they could not see the transaction. The airport did not have wifi so I could log into my bank account and show them. I had to pay twice the fees, $100, while also waiting in line for almost 2 hours, dealing with rude, unavailable and unwilling to help customer service agents, and having them push 2 flights of people in front of us in line because they overbooked and didn't have enough people working. I want my refund for my baggage fees as I paid twice more than I should have. Worst way to end our honeymoon.  View Gripe »

Lost Item on flight (7/15/15)

left headphones on flight. got to next gate, asked gate agent to call. 'Yes, we have them.' Tell the gate agent I'll miss my flight to go get them. 'Not necessary. We'll send them to baggage claim, call tomorrow and get them shipped home. you'll have them in two days,' he tells me. Call the next day- no one knows what happened to them, missing item report gets dismissed. I would have gladly missed my flight to retrieve them if I knew this was going to happen. Customer service? No help. Baggage Claim? No help. Lost and found? No help. 'Not our fault, sir.' Even though they stated they had the headphones and gave me a course of action to follow.  View Gripe »

Terrible Service (7/7/15)

Today, we arrived at our connecting gate in the Charlotte Airport 20 minutes before boarding. We overheard a man asking the gate attendant about our plane and we heard her say that they were waiting for a delayed plane. So inevitably that meant ours was going to be delayed. I went to the departing ticker board and saw that our flight was going to be boarding later than the original time. My daughter and I were sitting in the front of the gate for sometime and NEVER once was there an announcement that our flight was now changed to a different gate. Nor did the ticker say anything different. So, about 30 minutes later I go back to the departing board and now our Asheville flight was no longer on the board and the gate attendant lady had disappeared. We went to customer service and the man there by the name of Ron B was rude, never once made eye contact with us and proceeded to insult us. He never once apologized for US Airways bad service for not informing the passengers...and  View Gripe »

airline (4/20/15)

I booked round trip travel and later had to arrange an alternate departure. I called the airline and communicated that I planned to miss my departure flight and still use my return flight. I proceeded with my plans believing that I would be able to return on my originally booked flight. Today when I arrived at the airport and to check in I was notified that my itinerary was voided because I missed my departing flight. At no point was I notified that this could happen -- not when I called them to let them know I planned to miss my departing flight, I also never received any email notification that my itinerary was voided after I missed my flight. Now US Airways is telling me that they can apply the value of my ticket toward another flight (I.e. the flight I already booked travel for) for a change fee of $200. If I had been notified I could have booked a return for cheaper than that. Now waiting 40 mins to speak to a manager and no acknowledgement of the failure to communicate. Terrible.  View Gripe »

Flights/Customer Service (3/28/15)

I ran out of space trying to tell this story on here my first time through. Essentially we have been tossed around by US Airways staff, receiving horrible customer service, no empathy, no compensation at all, and are currently watching as they pull parts from another plane to our currently delayed plane (note: this is the 3rd delayed plane of the day, and have now turned a 7 hour trip into a 20 hour trip). At San Diego they announced we were "on our own" if we do not make our connecting flights due to their mechanical issues. I have never been so turned off by a company, and will absolutely NEVER fly with this airline again. Hoping I even make it home safely, from San Diego to Indianapolis.  View Gripe »

Lost bags ref CLTUS02694620 (12/20/14)

US Airways have lost my baggage and I have been without it for 4 days now. Their agents have lied saying the bags are at GSP when actually they are still missing. No one calls back or is helping to look for the bags which are probably still on the ground at Heathrow. Each bag has over $2000 of Christmas presents inside plus urgent prescribed medication.  View Gripe »

Mobile App (11/6/14)

The US Airways mobile app is incredibly slow, poorly designed, and unnecessarily hard to use. Needs a patch! Desperately.  View Gripe »

Flight (10/30/14)

Agents talking behind my back about me  View Gripe »