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Did your package get lost? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how UPS handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for UPS are typically related to lateness with deliveries, customer service interactions, and lost packages.

The UPS Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, verified, and often highlights social responsibility. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

UPS has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The UPS Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Package Delivery (3/7/17)

This is the second time that the delivery person has not come to my apartment to attempt delivery and has gone straight to the management office. I have also not received a missed notice on my door stating that my package was delivered to the office. I asked the local office to call me back the first time this happened and I never heard back! This is unacceptable service!  View Gripe »

driver cut me off (11/30/16)

Today at 4:18 PM I was crossing 1st ave. and 14th St. NYC zip code 10009. I was crossing WITH the green light. The driver cut me off so close to me that I fell and another pedestrian assisted me. driver license plate began with 2863. susan antini  View Gripe »

Delivery (10/21/16)

Left a $300 pair of shoes on my porch in a box marked with manufactures logo, yet won't leave an amazon box with a $30 item I must have for the next day (Saturday) even though no signature was required. Have wasted the hours of 4:30-8:09pm to get my item, and still waiting at the distribution center. Happy Friday.  View Gripe »

ups store (9/8/16)

I went to the ups store in Newport Tennessee to ship a package it was a antique coke clock the man said he did nit have the right size box but he had a bigger box he could cut down to fit the clock he put the clock in the bigger box and then he said he would fill it with packing so he would not have to cut the box down He did not tell that it would cost 4 times more for the bigger box so when I got back home I call to see how much it would be in the small box The way I see it is if it don't have the right size he should have cut the box down So I want use the ups store in Newport Tennessee again and I thank ups aught to check on people like that I would like a answer but it said no personal info so I suppose I will never know . oh yes he did say that he had a contract so no one could have a ups store in Newport Tennessee so I gest he can do whatever thanks for reading this even if it dint do no good.  View Gripe »

Delivery (5/25/16)

I want packages to STOP being delivered to my door. I live in an apartment complex and there should be an easy way to tell UPS that I would like all of my packages delivered to the office NOT my front door. UPS blames the shipper and the shipper has NO control over where they leave my packages. I feel like no one is taking responsibility to figure out a solution.  View Gripe »

Delivery of goods (2/7/16)

Ordered wine. Driver stopped on Feb. 1, 2016. No one home age 21 to sign for delivery. Feb. 2, 2016, attempt to deliver, again no one age 21 home to sign. Both days my son, age 17 home, noticed the box with red writing on it stamped "must be 21" He knew I was expecting the delivery, but he is only 17. Feb. 3, 2016-package was in a different box, no red writing and Wade accepted the delivery. Upon opening the package when I arrived home, the bottles were not in the cardboard protectors and the wrapping layed on top. No invoice in the box, was expecting 6 bottles of wine. There was only 5. I still have the box and the shipping label was taken off the original box and re-taped. I have contacted the wine company (Heartwood and Oak Wine Club out of California where I purchased the wine. and was told to file a complaint.  View Gripe »

Delivery of package. (2/1/16)

The UPS delivery man was very rude. I simply asked him if he could put the package in our normal delivery area and he refused. He asked me "what's your point" and just dropped the package in the middle of the desk area. Please do not send that driver to our school again. We had children in the office and they could even tell he had an attitude. Robin Smith Office Manager Golden Terrace Elementary School 2711 44th Terrace SW Naples Florida 34116  View Gripe »

Cornish deliveries from U.P.S. (1/21/16)

We haven't heard from U.P.S. but the company has been delivering packages and leaving them on the porch. Hopefully they will continue. Thanks  View Gripe »

Delivery (1/6/16)

Driver of UPS truck stated he will no longer deliver packages or parcels to our address as he has no room to turn the truck around. When we tried to talk to him to make arrangements for him to leave them where it would be more convenient for him , he walked away and through his hands up. Talk about arrogant and rude. Amazon pays UPS to deliver to the door. Our yard was plowed and he could have easily backed in, that is if he could drive. If the parcels are left at the mailbox I will contact Amazon and let them know , and they can handle it. The delivery place is Cornish, Maine We have had deliveries to our home for years with no problems. You can contact me at 1-207-625-7691. If we are not available please leave a number where we can contact you. Thank you.  View Gripe »

delivery (12/22/15)

Recieved an email telling us that our package was delivered yesterday at 1:24 pm. We were here all day waiting for it and there was no attempt to deliver. Our address was correct on the package and our house number is CLEARLY MARKED in two places. After calling Customer service we were told that it was delivered across the street (they tracked it with GPS ). Neighbor said they didn't get it. Now we're told that the driver will attempt to get it back! Really? Perhaps drivers should have GPS?  View Gripe »