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Flight delayed or canceled? Here's the details on everything you need to know about how United Airlines handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for United Airlines are typically related to flight cancelations, flight delays, Mileage Plus, seating, upgrades, lost baggage, customer service interactions, pricing and fees, and honoring frequent flyer status.

The United Airlines Facebook page is active and promotional in nature. They have their "Message" button activated which means that you can contact them through a Facebook chat message, however, with a large of amount of followers your feedback could get lost in the shuffle. It seems to that Delta is responding to all complaints, however, potentially losing track of many. If your complaint contains abusive vocabulary, it may be deleted.

United Airlines has a verified company brand Twitter handle and listens consistently for customer service feedback. It has a decent sized following. Again, it seems to that United is responding to all complaints, however, potentially losing track of many. If your complaint contains abusive vocabulary, it may be deleted or ignored.

The United Airlines Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions, and seems to have a somewhat international following, but is updated less frequently.

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Boarding counter b28 Denver 3pm 3:00 (3/15/17)

Asked attendant for assistance I was told "take a seat". When he was completed whatever task was so pressing he left area never asking if my issue was resolved  View Gripe »

Flight Number: 1403 1/4/2017 (1/11/17)

My name is Fernando Huc and I was scheduled to depart Miami International Airport this morning (1/4/2014) to Houston Bush International Airport on Flight UA 1403 (reservations #ECTMLH), eventually to land at LAX. After taking off, the announcement in the plane claimed that due to an overheated engine we were turning around and heading back to Miami. When we landed back in Miami and returned to the airport, your staff was extremely unhelpful and very rude. I stood in line for over three hours in an attempt to get assistance to rearrange my flight back to my home airport, LAX. I stood for over three hours without eating or going to the bathroom as I didn't want to risk losing my spot in line. Additionally the gate was changed twice. When finally I was able to speak to the (lack of) customer service agent, I was told he was going to put me on the next flight but that happened to be on the same plane that we were turned around in and it was already delayed…  View Gripe »

need a cancelleation letter (8/7/16)

Flight 90 on 7/28 was cancelled. I was rebooked on Flt 84 on 7/29. I lost a day of work. I need proof my flight was cancelled. Confirmation #08PQY9. Ticket 3 0162259985987 Richard I. Tabachnik burnezecar@msn.com PS: Besides sitting more than a day at the airport, with no vouchers, I lost a day of pay!!!  View Gripe »

Flight change -6000$(price for ticket 320$) (5/28/16)

I called United and ask that I need to change dates for my flight Boston ,MA - Toronto,On , from May 16-th to May 15-th - UA agent answered me - Ok , it cost you 96$ for ticket (96x3). I payed for tickets 320$x3 . When I returned back home I get conformation that I was charged 96$x3 + 896$x3 +2077.3$(on hold)+766.06$(on hold)+222.3$(on hold).Total more then 6000$ !!!!!. I called them and answer was -we can't return your money . I ask to connect me to relationship department and person told me that they can't return my money because flight already finished !!!and you can try fill up online form -but no chance because your flight already finished. Racket!!!Worst airline company.Worst customer service.Extortion!!!  View Gripe »

Flight Cancellation (2/15/16)

I booked two tickets in 2/15 for flights from Newark to Tampa for 9/22/15. Left my landline, cell number and email for United to send updates. Received 2 updates changing the time of my Flight 1915, however, when I went into the website to obtain our boarding passes the night before, I found that our 6am flight was cancelled and we were rescheduled on a flight at 12:30pm, which caused us to arrive at our destination at 6:30pm, missing our important meeting that day. No contact from United at all regarding the cancellation of the flight. If we had been contacted earlier that the flight was being cancelled, we would have rescheduled the flight for the previous day in order that we would have made the meeting. I complained to Customer Service on 10/12/15 via an email and received a case number. I was never contacted until I wrote a complaint on facebook. I was told that they were working on it and I would receive a response within 5 days. It is now 2/15/16 and still no response!!  View Gripe »

flight services (1/7/16)

On December 28th my wife and I were to be flown from san Francisco to Chicago on a flight that was cancelled after we checked our luggage, I understand it was due to bad weather in Chicago, what I didn't understand was how was our luggage was flown ahead on the same flight that was suppose to take us home; that meant for both of us we had no fresh clothing to put on and on the very next day the 29th of December our flight was cancelled again only this time we were told they could not get a flight crew together now not only do we not have any clothing now I don't have my pain medication because I was told it had to be checked and I couldn't bring it on as a carry-on I had 17 back surgeries my wife meds were also not allowed to be brought on as a carry-on so we were stuck in san Francisco no clothing no meds we did not get a flight until new years eve now I would like to fly again with united airlines and we plan to in the spring or summer however I would hope it will better.  View Gripe »

flight (1/3/16)

2:15 pm flight from Liberia, Costa Rica, arrived in EWR 3:15 am.. supposed to be a 4:45 hour flight. United flight 1449, pilot arrives 30 mins late. We depart 2:45. 1:15 into the flight, we are notified that the stabilizer is malfunctioning, we have to fly back to Liberia. Upon arrival over Liberia, we get notified that the landing gear will not hold the weight of a fully fuelled plane, and we have to circle over the airport for the next 1:45 mins. We are lied to about the estimated time the whole time. We spend the next 2 hrs on the plane, not allowed to get off the plane. We have to PAY for any for or snacks we get. Noone offers any complimentary refreshments.. The repair crew, doesn't show up for the next 45 minutes! In the meanwhile, they are fueling up the scorching hot plane with a malfunction.. We start overhearing the flight crew talking about union laws and flight times. So we realize that the crew doesn't have enough work hours left to fly back, even if…  View Gripe »

Ticketing (12/29/15)

Albany airport ticket agents refusing to find a solution to another flight after my original flight was delayed and I would miss my connecting flight and no connecting flights later that evening. So I paid for a flight from Albany airport to Newark airport that I never got on, drove to Newark airport the next day and the ticket agent said the Albany agents cancelled without my knowledge my paper ticket they issued.  View Gripe »

flight (12/22/15)

flight 1773 was delayed 6 hours which caused my mother to wake 4:30 am to pick me up at lax . and on top of that this inconvenience interfered with the Jewish fast day the 10 of tevet of the Jewish calendar very unsatisfied pls help  View Gripe »

Flight 226 (12/14/15)

Sunday December 13th. Here's the problem I board United flight 226 at 8:50 and I am suppose to take off at 9:25 only be deplaned at 10:00 because of mechanical issues. Before we get off the plane we were told that they would look for another flight because this flight had mechanical issues that didn't seem fixable. Then over the next two and a half hours they gave us updates saying we would know in 10 mins ever 10 mins without any more info. Until finally the airline attendants said oh they're just trying to fix this plane and not look for another plane. So I was lied to which is inappropriate and then made to wait thinking something was happening. Then at 12 pm they say plane 226 is inoperable and oh wait now we have another plane. Why didn't they put us on another plane in the first place. Really United? Courtesy wasnt even thought about when dealing with this situation. I've flown all over the world and haven't felt this mistreated in a very long time from an airline.  View Gripe »