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Noise complaint (2/9/17)

I live in the R gate Terrace area Parkrose which is Portland Oregon several years ago they put aside real track behind our area the date is two 817 and two 917 the train has been sitting behind her house rubbing it in Jan since 2 o'clock on the eighth it is now 930 on the ninth and the train is still rubbing his engine is behind our homes this is very annoying when you're trying to sleep when it's run for almost 24 hours we have had this issue I would like to have this problem taken care of it is very annoying to have an engine rev up it's engine for 24 hours there is an 18 foot fence behind her homes but the train sounds like it's in our backyard I am sure that no one there could sleep with that revving engine all night long please look into this manner as soon as possible and please respond back thank you My email is ovedia@aol.com  View Gripe »

station in Redding, California (1/15/17)

Amtrak supposed to arrive at station 3:05am! Usually 2 to 5 hours late. No bathroom, no seating. Temperature in the 30s. Parents with children and grandparents standing on concrete waiting for the train.  View Gripe »

Disgruntled night workers! (5/5/16)

We have lived in our small Southeast Kansas Town for over 36yrs. It seems, in the past year our local UPR yard has hired new night employees that don't like to work night s and try to make it so that we locals don't get to sleep! They play horn games all night long! It starts about 11:30PM and Lasts till about 6AM or so. Honking back and forth, laying on the horns for as long as they can! I have complained before about this and it did get a little better for a short time, but now it's worse than ever. If I could find out who and where the persons who are doing this lived I would go park on either end of their street and lay on my car horn all night or day and play toot toot the toot toot with other cars as well to let them see how annoying it is and a car horn in no way compares to a train horn. Please have a talk with your night employees and put a stop to this train play!  View Gripe »

Intermodal Service (3/6/16)

PLEASE get someone to monitor the Manteca CA UP intermodal. The engineers that go in and out of the facility are the most inconsiderate people in the industry. Honking their horns LONG AND LOUD ALL NIGHT for no reason other than they think it's cute to disrupt everyones sleep. No one is monitoring what goes on there like they promised. The overpass on Roth Rd was never built to stop blocking the road and allow trains to enter the facility without honking. That facility never should have been allowed to be expanded where it is without consideration of how they disrupt peoples lives. Please get someone in there to keep them in line and make them show some respect for the communities they are destroying with their disregard for people living here. They honk back and forth to each other, even playing tunes. I just counted 30 horn honks in less than 5 minutes. This needs to stop. It's not necessary. Get some kind of internal flashing lights or something to let people know they're moving  View Gripe »

HORN BLOWING (10/30/15)

There is no cross street, and the persons keep blowing their horn and it is long. They keep blowing it all day long. if a person is walking the rail tracks everyday at the same time. It is a Police matter. place. 5200 Block of Vally Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90032 This must stop.  View Gripe »