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Did your ride cost more than you expected? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Uber handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Uber are typically related to pricing, extra charges, location finder, drivers, and app functionality.

The Uber Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, and is verified. They do not have their "Message" button activated, which means you will not be able to contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Uber has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service and promotion, and seems to be quite active.

Uber Google+ is not very active and is used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Software Malfunction (12/18/16)

Uber refused my credit card 3 times until finally accepting it through Apple Pay. Delay in payment caused me to miss my flight. Expect refund of fare to the airport.  View Gripe »

UberEats - Food Delivery (11/19/16)

On Saturday evening I placed a food delivery order. I tried a few promo codes I found online. Many of them said they weren't eligible to be applied. One was said to be applied to my order. When I received my receipt the promo code wasn't applied. When I contacted Customer Service they told me the promo wasn't valid based on the city in which I live. If the promo wasn't valid, why was it accepted in the app? If I didn't think it was valid I wouldn't have placed the order. All I want is the promo code to be honored.  View Gripe »

Taxi service (12/12/15)

Charging almost 40.00 for a taxi fare that normally costs 22.00.  View Gripe »

ride from san Jose airport to Stanford (11/30/15)

someone ripped my son a student for $167.35 for a ride of 20 minutes. the same ride cost him a $29 dollars few days before.  View Gripe »

Taxi service (9/23/15)

I now refuse to ride in your cars and disallow my family to also not. The many times I have gotten into your cars, I had to immediate step out as the cologne/air freshener was so strong it made breathing too difficult. Unless these odors are elimited from your cars, we will not use your service, though your concept is good. Should you decide to elimited this problem might I suggest that you post this fact.  View Gripe »

Request new password (9/11/15)

Pls reset my password I can't login to my account and use uber since yesterday  View Gripe »

I was a driver for the company (8/31/15)

I wasn't happy with how i drive do a certain amount of trips and wasn't getting all my money they don't take out federal or state taxes but they have to many fees and i had accidents were customers and they say report it but they really do handle the situations. Also they said if you purchase a company phone for 250 and you don't like the company they would pay for the pre paid label to ship their product back and you get your monies back i have been waiting for an month to get the pre paid label in the mail so i can send there product back and get my money. Everything is handled through email they do not have an contact number when you email them they never return any of the answers to your email this is bad business!  View Gripe »

Uber transportation services (8/30/15)

Asheville, NC 8/30/15 1:45 pm We have been waiting for more than 1.5 hours for an Uber vehicle to take us to a live event in downtown Asheville. To our great disappointment, we will miss this This is our first (pseudo) experience with Uber and, I can assure you , it will be our last. Sincerely disappointed in your services, We have missed a perfectly lovely afternoon of live theater thanks to your company. prudyanddave@bellsouth.net  View Gripe »

Fare-New York City (8/24/15)

On a recent uber fare I was charged $150.51, going from 9/11 memorial to Central Park in New York City. I have used uber several time in NYC. This charge appears to be very excessive, please review and advise. Thank you Warfield Williams  View Gripe »

Driving (8/18/15)

Suspended account because of youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBY0ZtKTP5o  View Gripe »