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UAMS Medical Center
4301 W Markham St
Little Rock, AR 72205
United States

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Category: Offices & Clinics of Medical Doctors
Sub Category: Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities
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Medical records ,Not a gripe, a request for help (12/12/16)

Over a month ago I contacted UAMS, requesting my medical records. I received a release form from your office. I signed the form, put it in the envelope provided and mailed it to you. I have not received the records. I have called numerous times and have yet to talk to a human being. All I can get is a voice recording. I have called the doctor's office (Dr. Barnes) several times. They can't help. I don't kow what to do. I need to be seen in Jonesboro and can't make an appointment without the medical records. My home phone number is 870-932-0823. Please send my medical records. I had a hip replacement two years ago. I am in pain and want to make an appointment in Jonesboro and have no chance if you don't send my medical records. Please, someone call so I know that someone saw this email. I haven't been able to speak to ANYONE since I started trying to get my records. Please. Sincerely, Lula Kathrryn Doyle 4107 Raider Road Jonesboro, AR 72404 SSAN 431-60-5388 DOB…  View Gripe »

emg/room//outpatiant (4/27/15)

ok at first they tried to apply my federal refund income to this issue but they applied it back. now they:ve applied my state tax refund to the issure. do i need to get me a lawyer? everything medical i have insurance of some type at the time of treetment. please respond back!!!  View Gripe »