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Have a complaint about U-Haul? Here is the scoop on everything you need to know about how U-Haul handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues people complain about on social media for U-Haul are typically related to additional charges, shipping, discounts, rental agreements and quality of the vehicle.

The U-Haul Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. Additionally, they seem to be efficient in addressing Customer Service issues. They do have an active “Message” button which means you can contact them using the Facebook chat messenger.

U-Haul has a Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service issues and seems proficient in providing feedback. It has a very small following.

U-Haul Google+ is used for promotion and appears to be very active. It has a very small following.

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Truck rental (11/16/15)

The truck broke down 41 miles into a 1300 mile trip from Jacksonville Florida to buffalo New York back I. July still getting no response for reimbursement, insurance claim, tried to contest charges and was denied by dealer. Very frustrated and disappointed.  View Gripe »

Truck Rental/Downtown KCMO (9/18/15)

The truck I rented today, September 18, 2015, broke down. I contacted the office where I rented the truck and was told that someone will come and tow the truck. I called the U-Haul company and told them what happened. I was told that they were coming out soon to tow the truck. Me and my family waited at a near by business for over 2 hours. I contacted the store manager (Amanda) again and she told me that I can use a different truck. I told her no thank and that I wanted my money back. When the truck was finally towed off, I went down to the office, which Amanda knew I was coming to retrieve my refund, I was told that she left several hours ago. I was also told that I would have to wait until the truck checked out for any mechanical problems before she could give me my refund. I asked one of the staff members working in the office if I can get my money back and was told by the staff person, "I'm not going to touch that, you'll have to wait and talk to Amanda about a refund".  View Gripe »

Truck rental (8/23/14)

The rental clerks are lazy. I requested and confirmed with 5 different clerks to drop the truck off at a specific location and on the day of my move I was told I could not. This was a huge inconvenience to me and no one made any effort to help or rectify the situation. The manager to the pick up location would not even get on the phone. The pick up location was 7840 Wayne rd., Westland Michigan. I will never again use Uhaul services and will share my disappointment with everyone I know.  View Gripe »

Truck rental (5/8/14)

Truck was defective, A/C didn't work, felt unsafe, over 200,000 miles. When I returned the truck, they overcharged me for insurance and a late/service fee even though I returned the truck early. Manager said he would drop the over charges, and billed me for what was fair. Now they are threatening collections for all the fraudulent charges! Help!  View Gripe »