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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for T.J.Maxx are typically related to rude employees, merchandise quality, customer service interactions, refund policies, pricing, and store policies.

The T.J.Maxx Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger. However, effectiveness may be limited given a very large following.

T.J.Maxx has a company brand Twitter handle which seems to be quite active. Although they show gratitude for feedback, Customer Service concerns are not handled directly on Twitter.

The T.J.Maxx Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Rewards Credit Card - Service (4/28/16)

Hi, I am a Tj Maxx rewards member. I have had my credit card for nearly 5 yrs. The MAIN reason I got the card, was because there was no time limit on returning merchandise when using the rewards card. Now I am told, if its over thirty days, I can only get a store credit. I find this hard to believe, you offer a no time limit return policy and then you just up and change it. I have given up thousands of miles by using your rewards card instead of my Master Card. Since I have had my card for so long, I should be grandfathered in on your original policy. I do not like to do business with people that say one thing and then do another. Not good business ethics!! tjc991@charter.net  View Gripe »

Very Disappointed (7/22/15)

TJ max Lees Summit,MO is most racist stores i have ever been to. The clerk wasn't not friendly at the cashier and the worker they selecting to greeting different ethnic customers. When you asking for help ,takes them slowass times to respond with you. Never go there again. Rather go to Macys pay a little bit more than shop happy. Treat your customers right TJ Max .doesn't matter asian,black ,latino.  View Gripe »

Very Disappointed (7/21/15)

think its a shame that you can't return things within 90 days with a receipt. I brought two dresses from them then my husband got sick and passed away. My dresses do not fit so I wanted to return them and I could only get a store credit which I didn't want. I just wanted a refund on my credit card. I had no problems with a couple of other stores. I will never shop at TJ Maxx again and I will alert all my friends.  View Gripe »

NO respect (7/20/15)

I just left the Langhorne Pa location (7/17/15) basically looked at as a thief. I went in without a receipt that I had lost and wanted to make an exchange. I was honored to make the exchange which I appreciated but when I put a shirt on the counter off to the side that I brought in and decided to keep because they did not have the size I was going to exchange it for the employee and the manager questioned me about why it was on a hanger, which it came with when I bought it and looked at me questionably and remained silent. They reluctantly put it in my bag, even after I showed them a debit card transaction from the store on my phone and told them to replay the camera recordings to show I brought it in with me if they wanted. They remained silent and obviously were very reluctant to believe me. I left the store without setting the alarm so that should be enough proof as well. I don't appreciate the way I was treated although I appreciate them honoring my exchange.  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/19/15)

Today I was in store 0228 in Fairfax , VA and found 2 exact same Timberland suitcases One was marked $79.00 and the other was $89.00. I went to the manager and he told me that one came in after the other and would not give me the lower prize of $79.00 for each suitcase as many other stores will do. So I bought the suitcase for $79.00 and left with a bad taste in my mouth towards your store. I have not experienced anything like this before.  View Gripe »

Returns… (7/17/15)

The local T.J.Maxx store seems to make its own rules regarding returns. It clearly says in the official policy that check refunds need a 10 day waiting period. The local store insists that the 10 days are 10 business days! The 30 day refundlimit will be up if I don't watch the dates carefully. What is nuts is , I am a regular local shopper.  View Gripe »

Disappointed (7/11/15)

I bought a watch from TJ Maxx and not even the first day of me wearing it the crown broke off and the hands are no longer moving. Am I able to return this or exchange for a new one even if its broken? I couldn't have done much to break it when I only had it on for a couple hours  View Gripe »

Disappointed (7/10/15)

I had a strange experience at my local tj's today. Wanted to purchase an artifact that was marked down to 15 dollars because it was slightly chipped and the manager and cashier told me sorry you cannot purchase this item it has a sharp corner and if you get hurt with it we will be held responsible. I was shocked why was it on shelf to be sold. It was a twilight zone moment. Never heard such a thing in my life. So dissapointed I wanted to purchace this item.please give me an answer left empty handed and baffled!!!  View Gripe »

Waste of money (6/19/15)

I purchased a pair of reading glasses last Saturday 3/14/15 and one set already broke. I didn't keep the box or the receipt because I always purchase my glasses there and they have always lasted at least two years..one pair I still have..I went to return them today and they would not honor the return because I had no proof of purchase other than my bank statement..even though they still had an identical pair in the store...not looking for my little 8.00 back but am looking for decent customer service and for a store to honor their products for more than one week...I am a frequent shopper and will think twice about the quality of merchandise that is being carried in your store ..I should have a least gotten in store credit when it was obvious I purchase them there when they had the same set still in the store..  View Gripe »

Keep it professional (6/17/15)

I believe the Manger at the Rockwall Store should keep her employees personal family trauma to herself and not tell everyone that works in that store except maybe for other mgmt. This has effected more than one employee in that store plus a customer.  View Gripe »