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Problems with your Cable or Internet? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Time Warner Cable handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Time Warner Cable are typically related to cable service, internet outages, billing discrepancies, appointments and scheduling, and customer service interactions.

The Time Warner Cable Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, with an extremely large following the chances of a response are hard to predict.

Time Warner Cable has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be very active, however, there is so much Time Warner Cable feedback on Twitter that many responses are ignored or fall off mid conversation. There seems to be multiple accounts dealing with user issues, so you may want to People Search "Time Warner" from time to time to see if new staff has been dedicated to replying.

The Time Warner Cable Google+ seems to be used periodically for promotion. It has a medium sized following and is verified.

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Bury Cable in NE Ohio (4/2/17)

Installed service 1/16, I was told they were running behind on burying cable but it would be like 10 days. I was patient until I tripped over the cable and injured knee. Called TWC and was told Saturday. Called 4 times Saturday for progress report and was told I was on the schedule and it will be buried by 8 pm. At 11pm called back and was told they need permit to bury. It will be 2 weeks more. Now I read they don't even bury cable December to April 1. I almost always get Philippines when I call but I did get Dwayne in the states and he told me Saturday. Lies and ignorance compounded by lies and ignorance and complete incompetence. I have zero faith in TWC and am looking for satellite service.  View Gripe »

Service (3/13/17)

They cancelled the cable guid for my 2nd tv setup. We will be canceling their service for this reason. I need a guide to use the tv.  View Gripe »

Internet / TV/ phone (7/29/16)

Not sure what's happening to Time Warner , but lately it's getting worst and worst . Almost every two weeks I loose internet service or TV stops working on demand , or like now stops working completely . Hours on the phone , ( I am starting a time card of my time with Time Warner on the phone , let's see who will pay that bill ? ) it's on and off . I live in Chelsea New York , my office is at home , loosing internet all the time is a huge problem . Meanwhile my bill last year was 180$ and now it's getting closer to 270$ . That's what I call a profitable company ! Raise prices and provide less and less service !!!  View Gripe »

Cable box (3/5/16)

I was supposed to be sent a prepaid (on timewarner's dime) box before my service was cancelled to send back my modem and cable box because I moved out of state where there isn't a drop off center. Never received the box and I followed up 4 times with them saying that because the account has been closed they can't send the box despite me already having a service rep say a box was sent. Never received the box and I refuse to pay to send the cable box and modem back at my expense.  View Gripe »

email card (1/28/16)

I spent hours last night and MUST get a care sent to Australia NOW today in the next hour. It says my password is not correct which it should be but you sent NOTHING to my e-mail account to allow me to change my password. I need a phone call immediately to get this card out or send me an email.  View Gripe »

Cable (11/21/15)

Worst customer service! I felt pressured into paying my bill when I don't have the money to do it. Now I will have nothing to go Christmas shopping for my son. Thanks a lot, hope my money feels good for your kids on Christmas.  View Gripe »

billing (11/4/15)

I am having trouble resolving a billing issue and a late fee. The 800 customer service number is not in working order. They will not let me talk to a supervisor or anyone with any real authority to resolve this issue. They tell me that the situation is just the way it is and I have no recourse. Unless the problem concerns closed captioning, there is no way to give a written complaint. I have contacted the FCC in Ohio.  View Gripe »

Another Price Increase (11/4/15)

Had my third price increase since returning to TWC from DirectTV. Currently paying $210.00 month with no special channels, sports or HBO etc. Now I have to work my way out by changing back to DirectTV since that's pretty much what you have to do without going to cut the cord entirely. That may also happen sooner then later. 1Ben2 Raleigh, NC  View Gripe »

Cable Pricing (11/3/15)

Over the last few months, I've called customer service to lower down my bill. My bill was originally 130-140 dlls a month including Internet and cable. At the time I had some sort of promotion that kept my rate at that price. In February the promotion was over and my bill jumped up to 180. After calling and spending over 90 minutes with customer service they promised my bill would stay around the same. 2 months later it was at 210.00. I call again 120 minutes later. Now my bill is 250.00. CUT  View Gripe »

internet phone cable bundle (10/23/15)

I was called by them 6 months ago, they said I would receive a 300 dollar gift card if I switched from verizon. I switched but told them im moving in 2 months, no problem they said. They screwed up my install 3 times. then i moved and they ordered it as a new install same phone everything but made two account numbers. I never got my reward and even added intelligent home at my new place. They claim I did not pay my bill on time the third month. However since my bill date changed I was not billed at the new address for 2 weeks and paid the day it was emailed to me with a new date. They cold transfer me, they transfer me to the wrong dept, they lie, they say they are taking notes and never do. They say they will call back, never.  View Gripe »