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Tarson Pools and Spa
4310 W. Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13219
United States

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pools and spas (9/16/15)

bought a 24x5ft pool in 2012 and have only been able to swim in clear water for 2 weeks of the entire 3 summers. I have contacted the company on many occasions and they have fixed very few of the problems and created more problems by their so called fixing. now the liner is no good and they want to charge me to replace it. Mind you I had the same pool style for 20 yrs. and never had any issues of the kind with replacing only one liner. I have all but begged this company to make it right at no avail. One day they say its caused from alkalinity and then it is the ice from winter, then it the chemicals I supposedly dumped in the pool. How many more excuses do they have before they are willing to admit their workers messed up.  View Gripe »