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Phone: 888-826-4374


3389 Steeles Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2H 3S8

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Category: National Commercial Banks
Sub Category: Bank (Personal)
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Long hold times on customer service line (9/20/16)

Customer service 800# line always over 20 minute hold time, no matter what day, time, week, month, year. Same stupid "more calls than normal" nonsense. Been that way for years. If they have more calls than "normal", then hire more people. Never had this problem before Scotiabank acquisition.  View Gripe »

Customer Service (3/30/16)

Recording says Press 1 for callback. I press 1. Redirected to the usual nonsense about more calls than normal, which is your fault as you should hire more agents at this time of year. So there's no way to leave a number for callback. #badcustomerservice  View Gripe »