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Broad band smtp (7/26/16)

Using talk talk email account via email client - outlook. Will not send out emails as will not connect to smtp server, have readded all details and correct ports, but still fails to connect, now been 5 days cannot send emails  View Gripe »

Broadband/ landline (2/9/16)

Talk Talk switched off my broadband/ ability to make calls without notice. Contacted them, issue with payment, gave credit card details, still not working after 24 hours. Switched off on Friday 5th, still not working Tuesday 9th, Helpdesk closed on Sunday, payment made 08:30 Monday 8th. Asked for compensation/ senior manager to call me, been told somebody will call me in the next 5 days!  View Gripe »

email and internet (1/25/16)

They cancelled one of my regularly (daily at least!) used email accounts. I can't access any links from any webpages. I can't access my facebook account. I can't access Talk Talk webmail. I have complained about 7 or 8 times covering at least 3 hours and got nowhere. They are totally incompetent, rude and have no sense of business ethics and customer service. I can't understand how anyone can stay with them. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I run a small business and if I were one thousandth as bad as them, I would be out of business by this afternoon.  View Gripe »

LANDLINE (1/10/16)

One week without home phone. All neighbours now have service but if my landli ne is rung someone on Dorset on a mobile answers and I can hardly EVER get to speak to someone at TT  View Gripe »

hang up on customers (12/31/15)

Poor service Hang up on the customer Waiting hours to speak with someone then you get a call centre in India or somewhere Poor security had two scares cowboy company certainly not bt o r sky  View Gripe »

phone operator (12/30/15)

Waited on the phone for 3 hours in total today and yesterday what the hell is going on there trying to get my free security upgrade which we can claim by 31st dec but trying for the last two days to get thru how the hell do we claim it ???  View Gripe »

TV Boost (12/17/15)

Talktalk are offering all their customers a 3 month free TV boost following all their recent trouble. Last Saturday I followed their instructions and did this on line to attempt to add my free Sky sports channels. I received an email back confirming this was done and would be ready to use in 10 minutes. Nearly one week later I am still waiting for these extra free channels to work! I have called them 3 times and been told wait 24 hours, then wait 48 hours and lastnight spent 40 minutes on the phone with an agent talking through what to do to restart my box. He guaranteed this would work after 20 minutes and does it....No!!! I have just renewed my contract which I am now going to cancel and find a new provider. They shouldn't be offering their customers this free service when it is a con and doesn't even work!  View Gripe »

Broadband and Phone line (11/26/15)

My Bank cancelled by mistake my last Direct Debit payment, and I telephoned Talk Talk as soon as I was made aware, and spoke to a young lady called Louise, and explained , sent a Cheque as requested for the payment, But was assured I would NOT be charged a default charge of £10, but from my latest bill i see I have been. I AM EXTREEMLY ANNOYED at this , and want it Credited of my account immediately.  View Gripe »

Phone (10/12/15)

I have left talk talk changed my provider to BT. I was assured by phone that I would not have to pay leaving charges as it was a landline. I have just received a bill via email for £226.48. When I phone customer services I can't get through because my phone number is not registered with them anymore. It took me lots of angry phone calls to get it sorted and the still want to Bill me! Ahhhhhh! So angry  View Gripe »

Phone and Broadband Services (10/10/15)

I have cancelled my contract with Talk talk, having been a loyal customer for the past 5 years. I committed myself to a 24 month contract, to get a half price offer. I was only half way through this contract, when I terminated. Talktalk now want to fine me £156,for the remaining 12 months of this contract. I HAVE REPEATEDLY REQUESTED, A COPY OF THEIR T&C WHERE IT STATES THAT A FEE IS PAYABLE AND HOW MUCH IT WILL BE. This has not been forthcoming, because it does not EXIST. They have now passed this to a debt collection agency, I am 72 years old, I do not need this hassle, but I don't feel I should pay, on principle................Has anyone else had this trouble? Sylvia.  View Gripe »