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tire monitoring system (6/9/15)

Update my dad contacted tadibrothers June. 1 tadibrothers informed him they had to order some parts but he should have it by Friday June 5th here it is the 9th no product this product is not even a year old if they are not going to give him a new one refund the money this is lousy service and I want everyone to know how they conduct business can u please help me  View Gripe »

tire monitering system (5/31/15)

Bought this product paid there price no haggling this was a gift for my dad to use on his moterhome I bought it to help he and my mom. For safety reasons it worked about 6 months my dad contacted tadibrothers .tadibrothers gave him so advice it worked a month or 2 he contacted tadibrothers again the first part of may 2015 taxi told him to send it back dad called them back after 7 or 8 days the man on the other end of the phone put dad on hold. In a couple minutes he came back on the phone and advised dad they would simply send him a new system out and would be here by may 18 or19 here it is may 31st have not seen it can u please help my parents .if taxi conducts business like this please publish so others won't waste there money thank you.  View Gripe »