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Combination Burrito (4/29/17)

Combination Burrito was essentially a bean burrito with a tiny bit of meat at the bottom. Took it back and employee said it had meat in it , but he replaced burrito with one that had a little bit more meat, but still pretty much a bean burrito. I didn't pay $2.70 for a bean burrito. This was in McKinney Tx. I have also had cold food there. Really disappointed because I really love their food usually. Tried to complaint on Taco Bueno website, but the website does not work. Can't send the message. Cindy Davis 685 CR 364 Melissa TX 75454  View Gripe »

Beef bob (4/8/17)

Ordered beef Bob took 22 min got home beef Bob had meat and cheese only. Brought it back drive thru was full so was going inside but the inside was closed mind you it is now 10:20 pm. Walked to dt window staff very unprofessional just said i would wait in my car for them to redo and bring out. No one came so I called and spoke to manager Brandon and he sent someone out with it mind you No Apologies given!!  View Gripe »

Ordered a much of toctavo and a beef child and plater (3/23/17)

Went to taco bueno on 11th Street and deleware accross from the University of Tulsa for lunch today. My sister and I placed our orders and ended up waiting 20 minutes and still did not receive our orders as we watched everyone who came in behind us receive theirs. Whwn we asked tne status of our order the girl was extremely rude. Therefore we requested a refund and left. We realize they were having a special but that was no call forbeing rude. We have crossed that place off our list.  View Gripe »

Taco Platter (3/14/17)

I just left taco Bueno on Texas Ave in Abilene Tx. I ordered 2 taco platters and when I got home there was no guacamole or sour cream. I was very dissatisfied. Yes I should have checked but the workers need to make sure you get all of your order.  View Gripe »

Taco platters and cheesecake desserts (2/15/17)

Don't know what you did to the rice but now it's always dry and tastes terrible. Also my visit on 2-14-17 I waited at least 10 minutes at the drive thru before my order was taken which would have been fine if I got all my order. Ordered two 2.99 taco players and two cheesecake desserts. Did not get my desserts which made my platters cost five bucks each. I was the only car in the drive thru so the staff wasn't rushed. Typical service at a fast food place. Guess I won't be coming back.  View Gripe »

Dirty Restaurant (10/25/16)

Store in Owasso OK on 116 Street, was filthy, food all over the floors, down the backs of the booths. Cob webs under signs sitting on the ledge by the booths!! Food was stale and the kitchen floor looked like it was a dumpster site. Oh and gnats in the salsa. Store isn't that old to have gone down hill so fast!!  View Gripe »

Fast Food Drive Thru Service - 4416 SE 44th St, OKC, OK 73135 (9/27/16)

I just spent 38 minutes in the drive thru, 22 minutes at the window without being greeted. I would have left but I was blocked in by 2 cars in front of me and 3 behind and didn't want to tear up my car trying to hop the curb to get away. Once the disrespectful disaster of an employee decided to acknowledge me at the window, he proceeded to tell me they were short handed. I then asked them if they were even working on my food because my 30 minute lunch was up 10 minutes ago, and the ____ told me and I quote... "YOU DON'T HAVE TO EAT" all the while the other employee was screaming and cussing at what looked to be the manager as they struggled to make orders for the customers inside. This place is a JOKE!!!  View Gripe »

78749 zip code (7/25/16)

Hi, I ordered a huge meal from taco Bueno because my period is about to come soon. Sorry for the too much information. I live two minutes away from the restaurant. And I ordered the burrito bowl with steak. I've been coming here for years because my husband loves it better than Taco Bell. But today -- the food was so mushy and felt like it came out of a color organizated blender. I have a picture to show it to you. I am unhappy with the food. I don't care about a refund but recently you made it to people's magazine for the best Mexican fast food. I would love to support you but not this time because it was an expensive food order. I felt like it was a proper way to address to you instead of complaining to other websites. I do hope you tell this restaurant location to please focus on the quality of the food. If you would like to see the picture of the food it is ready for you. Thank you for reading this and I didn't tell my husband I'm writing this to you because he loves this place…  View Gripe »

Store and food (10/25/15)

The Taco Bueno on 21st East of Sheridan in Tulsa OK. This store used to be one of the best in Tulsa, but the service and cleanliness have steadily declined. I sat in the drive through at least 30 minutes one day to get my order. Had no choice because I could'nt get out. This has become a normal there and the service and cleanliness of the store is just missing. I am seriously considering going to another one even though I only live two blocks away and eat from there several times a week.  View Gripe »

Mucho Nacho's (9/12/15)

Every time I order mucho nacho's in Burleson Tx. I get lots of chips,beans and very small amount of cheese,meat . It's very dry without cheese. I paid 4.99 + tax. I have had this problem before and complained to the manager. I will no longer buy their mucho nachos . I go down the street to fast taco or taco casa for nachos. I will not come back until they stop ripping customers off!!!  View Gripe »