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Food Order (7/13/16)

Taco Bell # 024421 7/9/2016 I ordered a Beefy Crunch Box, when the order came out it was in a bag. I was told they were out of boxes. When I got home the order was incomplete, there some food missing.  View Gripe »

manager is not qualified (6/27/16)

manager manuel of the taco bell on 35th ave oakland ca, told person who went in for a interview, that if he does not speak spanish, he could not work there, the person who applied for job, has experience, working for taco bell, in other cities. manuel barely speaks english and he is very rude. something is wrong here, person applying for the job, was Hispanic.  View Gripe »

taco bell (6/21/16)

i took my grandson there to eat .we gotour food went to go to a table it was dirty .i went to every table and they were ALL DIRTY. so i asked the girl behind the counter if she could please come and clean our table.She came over with a attitude and had a rag that was slopping wet and washed our tableand didnt even dry it off so i got a bunch of napkins and dried it off.there was only one other couple in the place so they were not even busy .Iwill never go backto that Taco bell again.After i seen how dirty it was and the rude people that work there. It was in pa,  View Gripe »

Nachos (4/18/16)

.....  View Gripe »

#3620 - Corporate Security (2/11/16)

Was called By a man with the name of Wayne, who Identified himself as the Michigan State Police and said he was calling about a complaint....On calling the number back I find he works for Taco bell Corporate security! Miss Identified himself as a Active MSP officer so as to imtimedate me! So low as it was about an Taco bell employee I had complained about, and the District manager tricked me into giving her my ph# to send to him...so sad  View Gripe »

Taco (11/30/15)

Mold on 4 of my tortillas.  View Gripe »

Doritos cheesy gordita box meal (11/5/15)

Store at hwy 192 and hwy 535 in Kissimmee, Florida. Ordered two of the above meals, screwed up on both. She asked to get correctly made manager refused. She said we complain everytime we come in. Well, make food correctly, and guess what won't happen. Told her either remake food, give refund for messed up items, or I would be contacting corporate office immediately. Refused again. Called in front of her. She then called cops and had me trespassed because she can get her staff to do its job. In addition, one of staff, on his day off, regularly comes to the store, sits inside, and harasses guest by panhandling, bring it up to her and she states she can't do anything about it. WORST STORE IN KISSIMMEE /ORLANDO AREA. VERY DIFFICULT ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!  View Gripe »

Mequon, wi (10/6/15)

They keep closing the lobby!  View Gripe »

Gordita Burrito Supreme Mess-Up (9/28/15)

I waited for 20+ minutes for, what I thought was, a Cheesy Gordita Supreme from the Taco Bell in McMinnville, OR. I got a Beef Gordita Burrito Supreme, not what I ordered. I didn't ask the employee to make what I ordered, because I didn't want to wait another 20+ minutes for them to make what I ordered. Plus the Beef Gordita Burrito Supreme came with tomatoes, which I am highly allergic to. I had to throw it out without even eating it. In short, I didn't get what I ordered after waiting 20+ minutes & I couldn't eat what they messed up on because of allergies  View Gripe »

Morgan city la (8/12/15)

I ordered a breakfast burrito yesterday morning and the worker put soured rotten tomatoes on it. After turning around and driving back to get a refund and let them know what they did the workers actually argued in fron of me who was going to have to stay later to make fresh pico de gala! Not only am I still very sick from eating rotten soured food I have called 2 store locations and spoke directly to 2 store managers and have had NO ONE from Taco Bell call me or anything! I'm so pissed that you don't have the decency to check on someone or apologize or anything someone that you food poisoned! I have lost 2 days of overtime at work because of this! My next call is to news channels and the newspaper. Since you can't call me lets see if I can get your attention this way!  View Gripe »