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The types of issues people complain about on social media for Sam’s Club are typically related to online orders, membership cards, and deliveries.

The Sam’s Club Facebook page is active and promotional in nature. The account seems to be proficient in responding to customer feedback as well. They do have an active “Message” button which means you can contact them using the Facebook chat messenger.

Sam’s Club has a Twitter handle which is used for promotion and customer service issues. In dealing with customer service issues, the account defers customers to their website for logging complaints or provides them with a telephone number for customer service. It is verified and has a large following.

Sam’s Club Google+ is used for promotion and seems quite active. It is verified and has a relatively large following.

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Cashier in tobacco cage lamarque location (4/27/17)

I go in once a month and purchase my tobacco products. Every time not this isthe first time Carmen is hiding in the back on her phone. I ask her to give me my products and her demeanor and attitude towards me interrupting her phone call agitated me. She then tells me that she on break and was doing me a favor. I was pretty upset at this point. I tell her if your on break get your manager she them calls the manager. When the manager gets there she says they ain't gonna do anything and you haven't done anything. This lady is rude, lazy and has no respect for anyone. I truly believe they must have put her back there to keep her out of the way. I wish I had another option than sams costco is probably 50 miles away.  View Gripe »

fountain soda in cafe' (4/23/17)

went to local Sams, Dover DE, I was SO disappointed that in the cafe' they took away the MODERN Coke Freestyle fountain soda machine and replaced it with the older limited style of machine so they could include pepsi, which i hate. Talk about taking steps BACK in time!!! But why the hell could you have not just left a Coke Free Style and then added a separate pepsi machine?? I only drink caffeine free diet Coke and now that is gone. My family drank other beverages offered in the Coke Freestyle, so why would you go and do something so stupid? Thanks for letting me down, doing the same thing that Royal Farms did, and I don't step foot in there anymore. I will go go Wawa now to get want I want, I will pay MORE than sams in order to get what i want! SO UNHAPPY WITH SAMS!!!!  View Gripe »

frozen cherries (10/12/16)

johnson city tn store is no longer selling any frozen cherries. what frozen fruit they are stocking is not what i want to buy. they did this with sir fry vegetables 2 yrs ago. just because you want to sell something doesn't mean i want or will buy it!  View Gripe »

Member's Mark Epsom Salts (4/20/16)

The price at Sam's is more than twice the price for a comparable item at Walmart.  View Gripe »

membership (12/22/15)

I want a refund on my membership since your CEO Rosalind Brewer obviously has issues with White Males.  View Gripe »

Credit for a return (12/21/15)

I ordered an item online and cancelled it the very next day but was told it had already shipped. I refused delivery and sent it back,. I have been calling to receive a credit to my account in the amount of 305.94. Every call takes from 15 to 20 minutes on hold and I have been told 3 different times that it was being taken care of. It has been 3 weeks and they have still not credited my account. I am fed up!!!  View Gripe »

Invalidating credit cards (12/15/15)

I had a temporary card when I signed up last spring. Had been working. Used it at Sams check out only to find out it was invalid..It seems they had SENT my permanent one which I had NOT received. So before I could activate the new one they cancelled my temporary one. The young gal at check out asked if I had paid my account. This is a total insult to a 73 year old. I told her I had not even received a statement YET. Now again. I have paid every bill BEFORE 'the due date and went to use my card at the Sams gas pump......INVALID....several tries revealed the same result.....went into the store and they called your customer service who said everything was fine now and I could go use it.....went back to the gas pumps.....INVALID.....came back 1 hour later....INVALID.....into the store and called again.....seems there was a glitch in the address....NOT a new address or anything.....they fixed it and then my card worked. HOW REALLY RUDE IS THIS. Can they NOT call us ?  View Gripe »

Vizio 58 inch 4k Ultra smart tv (12/9/15)

I ordered a 58 inch Vizio Ultra 4K Smart TV on Thanksgiving day 11/26 and a 2nd smaller tv. I have watched the tracking numbers for each and the smaller one arrived Monday, however the tracking number provided online did not indicate anything(no item) On Sunday I call was given a incident report #151206-0001488. On Monday I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor who was very rude and asked me several times if I wanted a refund, no I want my TV, I mentioned to him my local Sam's Club had many in stock and he boasted it did not work like that ! I also at that time submitted an online complaint with Sams and FedEx. Today I call again and I was immediately transferred to a supervisor Angela who was very courteous helpful and courteous and she offered me a e gift card for the difference and a refund of the original purchase price so I could go to a local club!! I was estactic so I rushed and purchased the TV I wanted. After setup it quit after 2 hours. Gotta go back again!  View Gripe »

TV (12/9/15)

I bid and won Vizio 60" TV notified 10 days later cancelled TV out of stock - turned around bid on another Vizio 60" TV received email shipped 12/4 - they cannot track shipment or tell me it has shipped because of system down on black Friday - very disapointed with the club - needs to get out of on line if can't deal with issues!!!!  View Gripe »

Meatless products (12/3/15)

Hello, I have a food cart in Fl and my main customer base is older folks, men mainly, at the moment my menu consists of burger, chicken, meatballs, hotdogs and pulled pork, all products of Sam's. I am starting to see my business drop off because most of my customers can not eat these products due to their doctors putting them on strict diets. I would love to feed these guys using a meatless menu, but there are few items in your stores available for me to provide an alternative food choice for my guys. Could your buyers provide your customers more options to buy meatless products sold in bulk with- in the same price range as what im paying now considering i will be selling these items for a profit. I'm hoping with all of my heart that this will be a strong possibility. I look forward to your response. Thank you so much for your time, Amanda Michael  View Gripe »