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what a joke (7/22/15)

Sallie Mae is a mothers name was forged as a co can they allow computerized signatures without verifying or getting approval from a co needless to say after 6years of fighting with these delinquents my mother had to pay out $4000 to get her name taken off as a cosigner. She is 84 years old and lives off medicare. They need to get their act together.  View Gripe »

What a rip off (7/21/15)

This company is here just to rip people off. We paid them in full and they still want more. We have proven our bill is paid in full so now it looks like we take them to court and take action against them for harrassment  View Gripe »

No income tax information (7/20/15)

SallieMae does not send income tax information, they send an e-mail telling you the statement is sent and then try as you may you are unable to open much less print it. When I call the phone keeps going from one stupid message to another. I cannot get any information about the status of my student loan. This is not right but I just found the address of the corporate office so now I will start an action by going to the office all it takes is people to start making their voices heard when there is unfairness and company are being disloyal to the people. This is unfair to the people who place their trust in them. But we all know there are laws that can deal with this situation. Dept of education sends tax returns, I send emails to SalieMae informing them that I am unable to open or print the documents and no one replies with any information  View Gripe »

Unprofessional (7/19/15)

At Sallie Mae they may make major changes on your account and wont take the time to notify the borrower. They also completely ignore information you send to them, as with a letter telling them you will be moving abroad for one year to take part in a volunteer program and requesting a deferment. It happened to me. When this happened I had already graduated from a 4 year university and was about to begin payments as it had almost been 6 months. As I was planning to go abroad for one year to take part in a volunteer program, I sent them a letter telling that and also asking for a one year deferment. On the phone call I made they sure enough confirmed the deferment for one year so I thought I would be fine as I would be back in one year. Little did I know that they had made major changes on my account that had nothing to do with the letter I sent them. What happened was I had taken a summer school class at a community college that summer I was planning to leave the country. So at…  View Gripe »

What a joke (7/17/15)

What a bunch of jokers these people are. I called already in June to receive current payment coupons, but a month later, I already had to call to get them resent. This past week I was lucky enough to receive junk mail from SM twice, the first being privacy policy garbage and the second one today being a notice for late payments. I had debated on not opening the one today so I could send it back but I was anticipating their payment stubs since they should be arriving anytime. These fools can send me what I don't need, but apparently not on the ball enough to send me what I do. I hope I don't have to call a third time.  View Gripe »

need to be better regulated (7/16/15)

Sallie Mae has a Subsidiary that they actually OWN, called Student Assistance Corporation (SAC). When Supervisors from SAC inform the consumer of a certain agreement, they should KEEP their agreement(s), but they do not. Then Sallie Mae comes back on the borrower and charges $6,400 or more of interest for a student loan. Also, Sallie Mae wants too much information when it comes to a student experiencing a head-on motor vehicle accident in trying to forgive this student's loan when there is NO income of any kind coming in. Sallie Mae needs to be regulated and controlled for some Federal Assistance Corporation informing what they can DO and what they CANNOT DO. Supervisors do not KEEP their word/agreements with consumers.  View Gripe »

Very frustrated (7/15/15)

Tried to request iformation about my son's student loan application. after 1-1/2 hours of being sent from person to person who repeatedly asked for my SS# (name rank and serial#) I was sent to the Credit dept and they picked up the phone and hung up!!!! Then I called as I had been directed to call from the previous person ...who said this was the direct line for the credit Dept. ....It was not. It was the same general line asking AGAIN for SS#, etc. When some one answered I told them this was like the 10th time I was asked for SS# and he said what do you need? and rudely gave me a slurred 877 number to call and hung up!!!  View Gripe »

Feeling abused (7/12/15)

I am tired of the abuse and Harassment and threats that Sallie Mae has been given to a person who has continually made his agreed to payments on time .I will not stand for it and will report this to the proper authorities if it is not stopped.  View Gripe »

Very frustrated (7/11/15)

I set up autopayment on Oct 8th. At the end of November I received a payment reminder...called eveyday but was on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a voice. Finally reached a service agent after day 3 of calling. She said "you are the cosigner" YES. Explained that my payments were on Autopay. Was told they were not. The service rep "EADY" was very condescending. Told me there was no information on the autopay. Told me that I needed to give her a confirmation number. After providing information on previous autopayments dates and being told that I "must have mailed those in". I am looking at the transactions on my checking account!!!! AUTOPAY!! I said NO, they were Autopay and now they are not.I needed to speak to her manager. Was put on hold for 15 minutes. When she came back, had located the information, and yes a cosigner had called, (interrupted to tell her, YES! that was me, duh, remember I am the cosigner IDIOT!) and they had not followed through. WHY is it so difficult to help…  View Gripe »

Rude, no help (7/10/15)

They are rude and unhelpful, not to mention the company is charging me over $200 in interest, worst company ever! Don't ever get caught in their trap!  View Gripe »