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Saint Aubyn Homes
212 N Wahsatch Ave # 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States

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Category: Single-Family Housing Construction
Sub Category: Homebuilding & Renovation
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uses lies an fraud to sell homes in Colorado (5/30/15)

Chris Berisford builder an seller used lies an fraud to sell this Veteran a house. No one , not the V.A. S office, the B.B.B. , consumer fraud complaint, The COLORADO GEN. ATTYS. OFFICE , Willm do any thing to Saint Aubyn Homes or Chris Berisford, An the Attys. want $ 20.000.00 up front to do any thing. Fraud will win, an I will lose this home, the only one I ever bought with my V.A. Lone from Nam. You can fight for your country , but don't exspect your country to ever help a Veteran  View Gripe »