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Party Madeira Cake with frosting, raspberry jam and sugar decorations (2/17/16)

I purchased the above cake on the 8th of Feb, 2016. the next day while cutting the cake I popped two of the sugar decorations in my mouth and when I bit the I broke a bit of one of my bottom front teeth. I look after my teeth diligently and attend the dentist regularly. I have no tooth decay and there were no fillings in the affected tooth. I now have a dental appointment to repair the jagged edge of my tooth. The cake was fresh and the BBE date was 22/02/2016 I trust you will deal with my complaint Thank you Mary Boyle-Mora  View Gripe »

Car Cleaning Service (2/4/16)

I was very disappointed to learn that the excellent car cleaning service offered to customers in the car park at your Barnstaple branch has now ceased. A member of staff told me that many people had complained, but it was a corporate decision. I realise it was a service provided by an independent external team of East Europeans, but it did provide a service and an incentive to do our weekly shop in the store. It was my only incentive to drive my wife past my local Morrisons and Asda and undertake an 18 mile round trip to shop in Sainsburys. Alas, it will be my local Morrisons in future.  View Gripe »

Product and service (12/23/15)

Out of date product by 4 months...!! Contacted sainsburys and the disconnected whilst on hold for 4 mins. Tried to call again twice ... No answer  View Gripe »

Tu clothing: leggings style128304231 (12/16/15)

I purchased these leggings and added them to a wash with other items the other items were completely ruined There is no warning to this effect on the label The colour ran turning all other items blue The wash was done at 30 degrees  View Gripe »


Albany street, Newport Gwent My first ever click and collect order placed 26/11/15 with high expectations of good service and prompt delivery, notified ready to collect 30/11/15. Special journey only to be told NOT in store. Went back next day was asked to sign assistants paperwork to say I had collected my order when In fact I had not yet been given it. Orders stored in another part of store so assistant had to go and get it. Lots of customers behind me waiting to be served. I was made to feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed by the assistants tone and manner towards me as she made it quite clear she was not happy with me. Due to the fact my order had not been there on the first occasion I was not going to sign until it was in my possession  View Gripe »

cooking chickens (12/1/15)

i asked the chicken cookers at sainburys oldbury for a cooked chiken.they said the chikens were not fully cooked ,but would be ready in 10 minutes.i waited 10 minutes.they then said i would have to wait a further 2 minutes.i waited 2 minutes.they then said i would to wait a further 10 minutes.i gave up.  View Gripe »

coffee filter papers (11/27/15)

At Sainsbury's supermarket at Heyford Hill in Oxford I have been paying 90 pence for 40 filter papers for several months. Last week they had jumper to £1.20 for that same amount!! 30p rise!! I would like you justify this and if it is not your doing - find out why Sainsbury thinks this is perfectly alright!  View Gripe »

Meat (11/8/15)

I have purchased meat from your store on Sunday 1/11/15. This meat has started turning colour before the sell by date of 8/11/15. This is extremely worrying as this product was purchased to allow my grandchildren to help themselves to from the fridge. I can even begin to imagine what I would have done if the children had come down with food poisoning. I spend an average of £100 per week in your store and I have to admit I have lost faith in your products and indeed in Sainsburys.  View Gripe »

Chicken breasts (10/15/15)

I brought a pack of chicken breasts this week and although their use by date was the 17th Oct when I opened them today 15th Oct they had gone off (slightly discoloured, bubbled surface and sour, cheesey smell). I only live 5 mins from my local sainsbury (Telford) and they were put into the fridge as soon as I arrived home and the fridge is working fine. I am worried others may fall ill if this has happened to a whole batch of these chicken breasts. Please see attached photos. Kerrie Stevens  View Gripe »

Nectar bonus points (10/7/15)

I visited Sainsburys in central Solihull and when paying for my goods I submitted a nectar points bonus voucher for one of the items. The till would not accept the voucher saying it was out of date. Today's date is 7/10/15 and the voucher is valid until 14/10/15. The assistant at the till said I needed to take the voucher to customer services who would deal with the problem. There were two people on customer services and after standing in a queue the first assistant said she was not trained to deal with the problem. I again waited in a queue to see the second assistant only to be told that he also wasn't trained to deal with the problem so I would have to see a supervisor. At this point I decided to give up as I had an appointment. My complaint is that surely a busy store like Sainsburys should ensure that someone is available to deal with all customer problems as and when they arrise.  View Gripe »