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Sage Crossing Apartments
600 NE Howard St
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
United States

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Wrongful Management (10/4/14)

I was wrongfully done by SAGE CROSSING for having a water heater link! THEN THEY TRIED TO EVICT ME! And I am disabled-can't smell due to DISABILITY! I want these 2 ladies to be "FIRED" for wrongfulness! There names are Tierra Burbee and JULIE MARTIN! Then if that ain't bad enough! I FOUND WATER MOLD TODAY! THESE MANAGERS ARE IN A "SET-UP" AGAINST ME! SAGE CROSSING APARTMENTS! 518 Howard: Lee's Summit Missouri  View Gripe »

Managerial Abuse (10/2/14)

Well, these 2 ladies who work in MANAGEMENT came in UNANNOUNCED on a "fake inspection"! Telling my that my place "smelled like cat"! Thing is....I NEVER GOT AN "INSPECTION NOTICE" whatsoever prior to them crashing into my place! Then they used a excuse that "kids stole the inspection notice"! I already had to get the water heater replaced because I HAD AN APARTMENT FLOOD!!! Yeah, I think it's BOGUS and SLUMLORD'y to say the very least! THEY CRASHED IN ON ME ON PURPOSE! TERRIBLE!!  View Gripe »