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Pleasanton, CA 94588
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Have a complaint about Safeway? Here is the scoop on everything you need to know about how Safeway handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues people complain about on social media for Safeway are typically related to customer service interactions and quality of the food.

The Safeway Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. The account is periodically used for Customer Service issues as well. They do have an active “Message” button which means you can contact them using the Facebook chat messenger function.

Safeway has a Twitter handle which is used for promotion and periodically for Customer Service issues. It has a large following and is verified.

Safeway does not have a Google+ account.

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Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing (6/5/16)

I will not buy this again and will spread the word unless I see better products from MC  View Gripe »

Laundry Soap (4/11/16)

They are selling laundry soap by Arm and Hammer for sensitive skin. There are no ingredients on the package. Front label says for sensitive skin. Back label list no ingredients yet has a phone number to call. When calling the phone number, it said they are closed. Furthermore, the phone number was too tired to even read. Also plenty of real estate on the back for ingredients  View Gripe »

flower department (2/13/16)

Brooks, Alberta. Canada. My husband went in to buy me flowers for valentines day. He put a dozen roses on the counter. She put them in wrapping paper and she went to punch it in and then she left. He stood there and waited and waited. She didn't come back so he left the flowers there cause he hadn't paid for them yet. She didn't come back so he left. I didn't get my flowers so now I'm pissed.  View Gripe »

meat & produce (2/4/16)

safeway quality what happened to safeway 's goods I used to get good fresh produce & meats. now every thing is from china. will do my shopping .else where  View Gripe »

Nabisco Soccer-style Ritz crackers (9/6/15)

UPC 446000 03990 because the crackers have a cleverly designed soccer ball on them they become very light and break easily, we tried a box and were disappointed. I would suggest not repeating this or at least try to eliminate the "airy" cracker that is so light. The next box bought was the traditional Ritz cracker we like.  View Gripe »

Ice (8/27/15)

Ive shopped years at this store im currently homeless but I spend all most all my ebt cash at this store 4 days a week.its summer and 100 plus days I have a small cooler I carry I grab a few cups of ice for it and the deli staff complain want to charge me for cups of ice!! I spend a ton of money there and am homeless and cant afford or dont have a need or am able to carry a bag of 4 dollar ice with my groceries and backpack .they should not worry and chargem me for ice for cups of ice I need this only during summer and am homeless with no car.angry rob rondanini ps if I go to starbucks or 7 eleven they dont trip or charge me as long as I buy something safeways ruthless greedy a holes!!  View Gripe »

Truck noise issue (8/19/15)

Safeway Webster Rd. We live right in back of the store where the trucks deliver their merchandise. The trucks a lot of the time leave their engines running and make it really irritating to have to listen that, especially the trucks that have refrigerator units on them. They are sometimes running them for 30 minutes or more. We have put up with this for several years now and I would think those trucks could turn off their engines and refrigerator units until they either are ready to leave or are ready to back in to unload merchandise. Dean Dettmann 7942 SE Thiessen Rd. Milwaukie, or 97267 Thank you  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/22/15)

I live in Salem OR, and used to love the safeway stores. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR SERVICE? I have stood in line at the deli counter for over 10 min with all kinds of people behind the counter, no one even acknowledged that i was there so I walked away. Today i went and the same thing, plus i stood in ck out line, the ONLY one open in the middle of the day, for about 20 min. All kinds of people standing around talking in stead of observing the line that was piling up all the way down the isle. I am not going back to your store unless I absolutely have to. You lost a customer.  View Gripe »

Poorly managed (7/22/15)

I went to the safeway in brighton, co located off bridge st today my sister went to cash her check as I was walking around buying a scratch ticket we had left as 3managers walked out saying can we check yur purse n did u pay for thag soda when we got it from our house ive never been treated so rudley which is the reason I hardly go In there as well as thier messed up customer service please make sure when yu hire a manager they know what thier job  View Gripe »

Rude customer service (7/21/15)

Safeway in Brighton,Co is the rudest place I stepped foot into I politely asked help from one of the lady managers to assist me with something & she continued talking to an employee n completely ignored me I walked away because I was very disappointed I'm a regular customer but I will never step foot in that place anymore  View Gripe »