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Alarm Monitoring (2/16/17)

Called and they agreed to cancel in October; denied that it was canceled in December; said they need email to cancel in December; say still not canceled and need 60 days notice to cancel in February; say have reported to credit agency when they have not in February. Using threat to credit to try to extort more money.  View Gripe »

Security System (7/30/15)

A saleman came to my home,and told me and my wife that my security company was bought out by his company,that he wanted to know if I was ready to also upgrade my system,since I was going to have to upgrade anyway,because of the change over of companies,I stated yes,He then sold me a system,I found out from Monotronics that it was not bought out,I was still with them,they told me there are a number of these problems with salesmen from other security com, also stealing there customers in this manner,I talked to a manager named steven from Monotronics telephone # 800 241-7711 ext 70212.Steven said,they usually contact,those companies and make them take out there system,but I believing that manmy wife destroyed the system from Monotronics,I would have to repurchase an entire system from Monotronics,I had no chice but to keep the system from Monotronics,my wife and purchased this system 7/10/15. I want to thank you Patrick H Jones 295 Flynn Rd,Memphis,Ph9017895857  View Gripe »