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Software by name of PANDA (9/27/15)

Purchased PANDA Software 5 days ago(Wed.,Sept.23,2015) from Advance Tech Support(BocaRotan, FL) via for $150.00. Have uninstalled PANDA and now demanding REFUND. Office address for SafeCart not available on line. WC, Sept 27,2015  View Gripe »

Maleware protection (9/26/15)

I downloaded google chrome and when I did my start-up boost my PC popped up. T couldn't exit out of it. So I ran it. Then it told me it was 19.95 to purchase the fix. Paid that and I had to call to activate it. Then someone in India told me that there was major malware issue. that would be 129. 00 or for 199.00 I can have support for a year. I even told the guy this sounds like a scam and he assured me it wasn't . That was yesterday now I've got this down load manager popping up and some things starting up each time I turn my system on. My system is only a few weeks old. I got it to help start a new business. Now I'm afraid of what my have really been installed. But it seems they are using google chrome to get it all started.  View Gripe »

PC Optimize (8/21/15)

My name is V. Rhoden from Fl. in USA. I had a charge on my bank account for 19.97 on 8/13/57. I called the number and they refunded it back to me and took it right back out the same day. I have been calling these thieves at least twice a week and keep getting different lies each time. I am sending the proof to them whether I'm refunded or not. My bank and me see the same thing on my account. This company robs people and they need to be shut down.  View Gripe »