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Sabra Hummus (1/14/17)

I submitted the online form in Nov. I have not yet received a replacement coupon. There is never an answer at the listed customer service phone number. I find this company to be extremely dishonest and would not recommend any of its products in the future!  View Gripe »

Supremely Spicy Hummus (1/9/17)

I submitted on-line form and attached picture on Nov 21, 2016 to get replacement coupons for the 13 containers ( ten 10 oz and three 17 oz) of recalled hummus. Today ( 1/9/17) I received a letter dated 12/22/16 with 2 coupons for one Sabra item up to $4.99. Where the heck are my other 11 replacement coupons?? They did not respond within the promised 4 week period (but they back-dated their letter to make it appear that they did ) and then shorted me 11 replacement coupons. I am not happy with their customer service at this point. (Their Spicy Hummus is excellent however.) James Baytown, Tx  View Gripe »

Veggie Fusions Garden Vegetable (1/6/17)

This stuff is disgusting!! I can see adding veggies to a smooth product, but these are far to big and make the eating experience a sad thing!! I bought another flavor, hope it is better than the one I am now throwing into the garbage disposal! What a waste of money!  View Gripe »

Supremely Spicy 10 oz. (1/1/17)

I have been reaching out to Sabra regarding the Lysteria recall. I have yet to hear ANYTHING from ANYONE. When I call the number for customer service, I only get an automated voice that refers me to the website form, which I have completed more than once. Terrible customer service. I bought 2 packs of hummus from Publix, one disgarded because it was eaten and the other mostly eaten and in my freezer. I want a refund. What is so wrong with that? I will never be purchasing a Sabra product again. More so because of the terrible service rather than the recall. What a shame!  View Gripe »

Sabra Recall-- Hummus Garlic with pretzels 4.56oz (11/28/16)

Had severe diarrhea Wed 11/16 with GI symptoms for the following 4 days (I am rarely sick); ate 2 of your snack packs obtained from the Bellin Hospital Physician's Lounge, Green Bay , WI between Fri 11/11 and Wed 11/16. Do not have packaging-- discarded. Not looking for anything, just an FYI to your quality people. Phil Yazbak,  View Gripe »

Lemon Twist Hummis (10/11/16)

1.) To start let me compliment u for the wonderful hummus & quaint inside quotes inside over the years. 2.) I miss Lucious Lemon Hummus,, It was fantastic, refreshing, fresh, delicious,,, 3.) Lemon Twist hummus for my taste is awful,, Bitter, off tasting,, sour, not pleasant,, 4.) Many other flavors are also great. Keep up the inventiveness / creativeness  View Gripe »

Hummus (3/29/15)

Your Roasted Pine Nut Hummus Is Phenomenal! It tastes great! It's so high in quality. Your packaging is aesthetically very appealing. I love how you keep coming out with additional flavors. I want to encourage you to keep adding new flavors. So that I can feel that my comments have made a positive difference, I hope to receive your (snail mail) written response in the next few days. I would also really enjoy receiving a COMPLIMENTARY Sabra Hummus (adult, size large) logo T-shirt. My mailing address is 3944 Inglewood Blvd., Unit 7, Mar Vista, CA 90066-4585. Thank you very much.  View Gripe »

Hummus (4/3/14)

Found a friend in my hummus  View Gripe »