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lightsabor (10/1/16)

$400.00 and over 2 months later still nothing. It is ridiculous to have to wait this long for any product. Obviously they won't talk to you on the phone, they want you to leave an email so no one can be held accountable. Will NEVER do business with these people again!  View Gripe »

Disciple LightSaber (1/23/16)

Buyer Beware... Ordered this Lightsaber for my daughter in October of 2016 through Etsy. Listed as shipped on November 16. Two months later and nothing. I began sending notes to the company in November to check status. In January, I recieved a note from Shameem Moshrefzadeh, only to find out this person has not worked at SaberForge since September of the previous year. This place is a total crapshoot with zero customer service if you run into an issue. Some tips if you must though: 1. Etsy is totally worthless in helping if you wait too long. Make sure you file a case prior to the 60 day window, or you will lose all rights...even to leave a negative review. 2. If you order through Paypal, you have 45 days FROM THE STATEMENT CHARGE DATE, to file a dispute. 3. If you order through credit card, most have a 60 day limit. I made the mistake of believing the below email that they would ship and now can't get a refund or even a response. Learn from my mistake. Avoid this place.  View Gripe »

Gift certificate (12/3/15)

Worst customer service ever. Ordered a gift certificate the end of November and they can't guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. What kind of business is this? I'll never order from them again.  View Gripe »

Gift Certificate (6/18/15)

Awful, awful, awful. My wife bought a $250 gift certificate from Saber Forge for me for my anniversary as a surprise gift. We were just pricing out my saber of choice and tacking on an additional $100 or so for bells and whistles when we suddenly remembered the dreaded exchange rate. We live in Canada, and if we bought a Saber from Saber Forge, it would run almost $650 upon final receipt. That was simply too much at this time. My wife immediately asked customer service for a refund just 1 day after getting the certificate on May 24th. Days and days passed, and no response. I got involved and sent a stern E-Mail asking for someone to rectify this. Finally, a sales rep by the name of Shameem Moshrefzadeh sent us an E-Mail on June 2 ensuring us that our credit card would be refunded within 3-5 business days. We're now at June 18th, and despite four more E-mails asking for a status update, we haven't received our refund OR an explanation! TOTAL SCAM!!!! AVOID!!!!  View Gripe »

lightsaber replicas (3/24/15)

i ordered the venom on jan 13 it cost $459 plus $20 s/h. ihave not recieved it yet, and when i try to contact them i get the runaround.  View Gripe »