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Sabal Point Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 915042
Longwood, FL 32791
United States

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HOA (3/10/16)

This HOA is terrible! I received a letter that I needed to put up a new A/C screen so I submitted the document they told me I needed to fill out and submitted photos, etc. I received a snarky letter over a month later stating that I had used the wrong form and that the plans I submitted were not sufficient. I called the ARC guy directly to straighten things out and he was very short and rude! He told me that I had to do things a certain way or they were going to get their lawyer on me! I was only calling for clarification on what they needed from me but he was very hostile from the start. Horrible customer service.  View Gripe »

Hoa (8/7/15)

They are suing us because while I was in hospice we had a temporary chair swing in our tree so I could watch my kids play. They are now suing us for having a" permanent Play structure" and for 8,000 and my kids could take this down because it was up by rope. They are targeting us!  View Gripe »