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Landscape and lawn Management Services (11/6/15)

Review of Randolph’s Landscaping in San Antonio, TX: Chris was up in our face / texting threatening and accusing us of all sorts of things including not paying the bill two days after we received it. He remembered the job was finished two months previously but failed to acknowledge or remember that we didn’t receive a bill for over two months. We asked about the bill a month after he finished the job and then again. We had ongoing communication problems with Chris. For example what we asked him to do face to face wasn’t always communicated to Susanne and Samantha, i.e. I would call and they would say that Chris hadn’t told them. We had asked him to maintain our lawn and gave Randolph’s landscaping specific instructions on what we wanted them to do. These instructions weren’t followed and we had to reach out to the office on multiple occasions. Going forward sometimes what we requested was done and sometimes it wasn’t, but we were still charged the same amount.  View Gripe »