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Spaghetti with meat sauce (2 lbs tub) (8/30/16)

This product used to be great. It was loaded with spaghetti. Now it's mostly sauce and you have to almost fish for the spaghetti! i wouldn't buy this again until they start adding more pasta. The thing is drowning in sauce!  View Gripe »

Employees (8/20/16)

I do not like the fact that Evie the manager in Camarillo Ralphs has the balls to talk about other employees behind their backs! She talks about customers and employees and their business I for one hate Camarillo Ralphs!  View Gripe »

Grocery Store (8/11/15)

I visited the Granada Hills Store, the price on the shelf did not match what rung up at the register. The employee started to argue with me that it was a sale price so I should use my Ralphs card. It was not a sale, and it was the regular price not requiring the card. I attempted to speak to a manager and the employees were lying about who was in charge. I will not be shopping at this Ralphs anymore.  View Gripe »

Unkept (7/16/15)

Comment regarding Ralphs Market in Temple City, CA. My husband and I live about 3 blocks from this store and walk around the community every morning. We have shopped at this market for years but we will not now due to trash conditions around the market. The weeds on the street front are at least 2 feet tall and the trash in them has not been picked up in months. I have talked to the manager Ralph Castle on numerous occasions telling him of the trash problem and the how it makes our community look like a dump. He assured us that it would be taken care of. I told him we would be back to see him each week and we visited the store this morning and paged the Manager and Ralph Castle came out and saw us and abruptly turned around and went the other direction. Please can you give me some pointers to have the trash and landscaping problem resolved.  View Gripe »

Waste of time (7/15/15)

Since you have closed the Sylmar store, I go to the Mission Hills store on Sepulveda blvd. I did ask if it was possible to send me an ad, which was several weeks ago but have not received one yet. On my last trip to this store,1/27/15, I was very disappointed in the "fresh" vegetable dept. ,as the vegetables were wilted and the corn on the cob was browning and there were some empty spaces where green vegetables should have been.Needless to say, I am thinking that traveling out of my way to shop at Ralph's,is not worth my time ! or gas!  View Gripe »

Disappointed (7/12/15)

I went shopping at Ralph's by my house at 6300 irvine blvd. irvine,ca 92620. After the cashier rang up my stuff I have her my Ralph's card to scan it. I noticed the total amount was too high so I asked her if she scanned my card and she said she did but after charging me I looked at my recipt and I noticed the discount was not given to me so i had to wait till she was free and ibadked her that I didn't get my discount so she told the other cashier to give me the discount or savings. Which she did. But when I got home. I looked at my recipt and I noticed that my savings is suppose to be higher than what the cashier refunded me. I still know that I was suppose to get at least another $10 in savings. I shop at this store once a week because it's the closest to my house. I called customer service and I told them about what happened and she said she can't do anything and I have to go back to the store to talk to the manager. This is very poor customer service. I'm not suppose to be the one…  View Gripe »

Rude Employees (6/18/15)

I am a vendor inside Ralphs. The store manager Clyde and the receiving manager (I don't know his name and I'm not trying to be insensitive but he is Asian)at the Ralphs located at 1101 W Huntington Drive in Arcadia CA are both extremely rude, lack a personality, are unfriendly, and are not helpful. When I am forced to deal with Clyde because no other manager is available 100% of the time the project that I am working on does not get done. The other managers that I have worked with in the store are the opposite of Clyde. They have always been friendly and are always willing to help. Other vendors that I have spoken to in the store feel the same way about Clyde and the receiving manager. From this day forward, if Clyde is unwilling to work with me I am going to mark my project "manager refused" so that your customers are aware that I cannot complete the projects that they are sending me into the store to do because of the store manager.  View Gripe »

Inconvenience (6/13/15)

After 9 pm the Ralph's in Agoura ca has workers all over the store and various areas are closed. Per the manager Brianna she will shop for you pick your fruit and meat get anything you want. I hope she wears gloves. This is the way it is or you can go to VONS or complain to corporate. I asked why is store open and she said not my decision. This is Ridiculos close the store when you are working on it. Don't inconvenience your customer  View Gripe »

Bad service (6/11/15)

Today I came Ralph to get milk, cereal and break with my WIC check, but I forgot to get the cereal, when I go to cashier to pay, she know I didn't get the cereal, but she didn't told me. I know the check already process, I can not get my cereal, but I think cashier need to let customer know, but she didn't told me. When I go to talk with manager, he told me that is my fault, I know I forgot it, when I come to pay cashier see the check she know I miss the cereal she need to let the customer know. i feel so sad for this service, I will never come this store again.  View Gripe »

Poor quality (6/10/15)

I am a frequent customer at the Ralph's Whittier Market Place. Customer service is satisfactory. However the quality of the produce is sorely inferior. Shame on Ralph's. Nearby Stater Brothers is preferable.  View Gripe »