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A-50218- Order #79195895 (12/1/15)

Automatic Can Opener - will not work  View Gripe »

Hillary and Scottsdale Contemporary California King Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers (11/26/15)

Stores123 sold me the bed for a low price. They shipped 1 box out of 4 and said that's all I bought. Their ad stated and showed the entire bed. Then they said it was no longer available and refunded my payment. Now their selling it again at a higher price. They lied!!!  View Gripe »

ECOMMERCE (11/19/15)

I just wanted to warn anyone who maybe consider to become a seller on Rakuten... DON'T! Their support system is extremely unsatisfactory. They do not have a contact tel number nor a chat and the only way to communicate with them is through email. Majority of the emails they reply the day after. So, everything you do is on hold until you get an answer from them!  View Gripe »