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Are your latest gadgets failing you already? Here’s how RadioShack engages with customer feedback online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for RadioShack are typically related to rude employees, cell phone plans, and faulty products.

RadioShack’s Facebook page is primarily promotional, announcing new store locations and showcasing products for sale. The page also does a great deal of community engagement, focusing on giving back to customers using coupons and giveaways. The account is prompt when it comes to responding to customers in the comments section and has its message feature activated for more personal interactions.

RadioShack also has a Twitter handle that is devoted to both marketing and customer service. The social media team is very good with responding to feedback in a timely and effective manner, with representatives offering to call stores for customers to advocate for their concerns.

RadioShack also has a consolidated location on Google Plus which is primarily used for advertising, however also serves as a tech blog with content about the latest in the industry.

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radio shack in store credit / wrong price on product and will not honor the price (8/26/15)

Radio Shack on Soladad, canyon country CA 91355 My 8 year old son got a race car for Christmas we went to return it ,they had no more cars at the time so we took store credit and decided to wait to get a new car. went to the store they told him they no longer take any cards to call the # on the back I said it is in store credit same as cash,NOPE they said!!! the # on the back is automated and rattles numbers then hangs up on you!!! then I go to purchase a Panasonic land line phone the only black one they had with 3 receivers had a price of $59.. they rang it up it says $79. I told the manager this is were it was on the shelf the only open spot with the $59. he said the tag is wrong someone moved it. I told him show me were it belongs then he could NOT do so! I said no one moved it you don't even have any other ones like it, will you just honor the price that it was on the shelf for? NO WE WON'T he said!!! rudely like I said someone moved it!! so I walked out and stated NEVER again!!  View Gripe »

Rude Employees (7/22/15)

I wanted to purchase an item at 1 of your Brooklyn N.Y locations on Broadway ave located in Bedford Stuyvesant, I wasn't satisfied by the way I was treated, so I requested to speak to the manager concerning a tax exempt letter I had. A African American woman name Ashley refused to call the manager , she then got loud and lunged towards me with her fingers pointing at my face in a threatening manner. I'm sure that you trained your staff, However she Wasn't professional.  View Gripe »

Please help (7/21/15)

I upgraded my sprint phone from Radio shack and they gave me a contract but sprint won't honor it. Radio Shack apparently gave me a contract with a lower bill but sprint said they gave me a plan that I wasn't suppose to get. I was talked into upgrading my phone because I was eligible for a sprint discount and I want the $60 plan option which radio shack granted contractually; sprint is making me pay $25(penalty) extra and told me that Radio Shack has to fix it, but the store I bought the phone closed down. I went to another store ad they process my complaint and no one reached out to me.  View Gripe »

No longer a customer (7/20/15)

Radio Shack Logan Ohio submitted Virgin Mobile payment twice on the same day while in the store which caused an overdraft charge of 36 dollars on my daughters checking account. Spoke with the salesperson which made the mistake and her response was I am sorry but there is nothing I can do to help you but she did recall having problems setting up the payment. I will not shop at Radio Shack in Logan any longer and I will also suggest my family does not either.  View Gripe »

No longer a customer (7/19/15)

I've always shopped at RS for my electronic devices, etc but I'm no longer giving this company my business. When I purchase a product extended warranty for a product and they don't honor it that's enough to lose my business. I appreciate those employees that tell it like it is and warn us of thing but when a manager or assistant manager refuses to help their customers I'm out. You lost my business and I'll tell all my family and friends not to shop there either. Beware Elk Grove Ca Radio Shack. Shame on you. You charge me for something you won't even honor  View Gripe »

Please help (7/17/15)

On my birthday I had been giving a Samsung galaxy note 4 I was very happy because I thought I could rely on radioshack to hook me up with some good tech but on that same day I figure out the sound I'd broke I go back and try to get it fix my phone seems to work well so he said come back if it happen again and of course it does but we had run out of time to go get it fixed I start callin best buy and samasung and look like they don't know what wrong either my mom think radioshack is giving there customers operated phone that they controlled for us to pay more on it so me and my mom might have to go back to version and radioshack if you see this plz inbox me at because I would like a refund or another phone if possible or at least a solution  View Gripe »

Poor Customer Service (7/16/15)

Today at 5:10 pm I went to your Oskland Pittsburgh 3606 Forbes ave store to buy a phone charger. When I walked in there was a girl working with a sprint phone person I asked where the Chargers were for the I phones . Response I don't know and the person in charge is not here. As I was waiting two other people came in. They to asked about purchasing something . The girl also told them the same thing she told me. They waited for about 10 minutes and left. I waited for at least 15 minutes . As I was looking up your corporate info the person in charge finally showed up thru the front door.. The person working with the sprint guy could have cared less that anyone was in the store . If this is how things are run with your company I understand why you are restructuring  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/15/15)

Was made to wait by Mr. Thomas for over 35 minutes for a screwdriver. Wanted to purchase an antennia for my portable system which I had brought with me. I told them I would not hold them responsible but to let me have it and I would do it myself. Made me wait 20 minutes before he authorized J to hand it to me. He was trying to finish with a high dollar sell against a 6.41 sell. I will not set foot back in that store unless Radio Shack shows me they appreciate my business. Mr. Thomas knows I am kin to someone who use to work for him that he did not like and I feel like he was punishing me for even coming in there. The associate was willing to work with me but he stated he must have Mr. Thomas permission to proceed. I am not a high dollar spender but I have traveled out of my way in the past to the Statesville store just so I can be treated with respect.  View Gripe »

Misinformed (7/12/15)

I purchased a portable scanner from store 14780 in Senatobia, ms. When I bought the scanner, the salesperson informed me it came with an A/C adapter or you could run it on batteries. I got the product home and opened the box. There were no instructions or a/c adapter. I took it back and was informed the adapter did not come with the scanner, but I could purchase one. This is not right, why should I purchase something that I was told came with the product. I want the scanner and will purchase it, but not at Radio Shack. This is a small place and I intend to do all I can to inform the people of the lies told to me by a sales person. Radio Shack has lost my business and the business of any one I can convince to shop elsewhere  View Gripe »

Lost products (6/17/15)

I dropped of a Ipod touch with a cracked screen on Dec. 5, 2012 to be fixed as a christmas present. I was told that it would take 2weeks and was guaranteed to have it by christmas. I checked twice a week on it's status and was told not to worry that I would have it. On christmas eve, I went to pick it up and was told the employee who had it was no where to be found. I have tried to get this fixed since then and last week asked for it back and still can't get it returned. I am now wondering if he has sold it or ruined it. I am beyond frustrated. The store manager has been great but has trouble getting him to return her calls. She has told him with me present to bring it with him and he still doesn't. I just want my ipod back.  View Gripe »